Tamiya’s F-14A 1/48. The Giant Woke up.

After years of waiting for a new an improved Tomcat, we now are expecting two simultaneously. Tamiya and AMK are releasing two different options of F-14, A and D respectively. They are both about to be released on the market this fall, and they will be both very interesting. AMK is a company made from modelers for modelers, and their approach is what they do believe is best when comes down to assembly engineering and combo /as a kit itself/. Tamiya on the other hand are the biggest and probably the best of all the plastic modeling companies in the World as we know it today. They offer simple and clever solutions, but more importantly – they never showed up with a troubling or wrong /in terms of accuracy/ kit.

So we will have some sort of a David versus Goliath kinda thing here, however I think that they will both be great scores. My personal preference goes to Tamiya, because I adore their kits, I have extremely pleasant experience building Tamiya and their last jet in 48th scale I built /Aggressor F-16/ was amazing. As for these preferences I have, I must add that I prefer 32nd scale aircraft, and F-14 Tomcat in that scale would be “The Best Kit Ever” for me. That’s not the case here, but only because the smaller scale this time. Not that I am not hoping…

Anyway, Tamiya announced their Boxart which can be seen on the head of this article, and I believe that it will be soon made available for reviews among the best reviewers in the modeling business. You probably noticed, that some pieces of that Tomcat made it to the public, but to be frank I prefer more reviews so to be sure that there will be an objective opinion about that kit. I have no doubts on the other hand that it will be great plastic piece of art, but still, I would like to hear people talk before the official release.

Now, with the boxart out, I must say that AMK are in a bit of trouble, but just a bit. Tamiya will gain speed as fast as Tomcat taking of from a carrier ship with this release, and even though AMK version is different, it must be noted, that Tamiya with their reputation will sale more from theirs. Anyhow, even before deep research, I must assure you all, that if you are a NAVY plane fan like myself, there is absolutely no doubt that you should get both of those kits. Even with a slight chance of difference in the final appearance it is guaranteed that both of those will be high-quality pieces and they will worth buying. On the other hand, knowing the decals that Tamiya usually provides, I can assure you that DN Models will do everything possible to supply with thorough mask set options for those two birds.

Stay tuned for a more detailed review of both kits in the near months!