T-90MS 2013 model from Trumpeter

T-90MS was just announced from Tiger Model and as we already are used to see, another announcement came – this time Trumpeter. They already had T-90MS planned, but they added one more kit to the line of their T-90s. The kit will be released as Trumpeter 09524 and will come directly after their initial T-90MS. Tagil version that they are doing now is inspired by the RAE 2013 expo, at which many /obviously/ modeling companies went to gather intel on new machines, camouflage schemes and so on.

It is a good thing that we are having such a development of the T-90 range, since this is probably the last of its kind MBT. It is based on T-72 and it is replaced by Armata complex, so there will be nothing similar to it soon. Interesting thing with the T-90MS is that this particular model incorporates everything we had in T-72 MBT, and in addition to that we are looking at completely new and re-designed tank, featuring almost all of the new technologies and innovations. It looks quite differently than the regular T-90A, mostly because of its turret. The 2013 version that Trumpeter will produce will feature all of the small components added /or removed/ to the 2011 version, and it will be due to one’s personal preferences which one to get.

Knowing the quality of Trumpeter kits, which is not bad at all, we might expect very nice add on to the T-90 line. The other interesting thing will be a comparison between this kit /any of the versions of Trumpeter/ and the Tiger Model freshly announced T-90MS.

There will be more on this subject soon, but for now, what we have is only this announcement. Once the T-90MS Tagil comes out on the shelves we can expect a lot of reviews and opinions, especially from the T-90 experts!

picture is courtesy of Trumpeter