T-54 B from MiniArt. The meaning of “superdetailed”

T-54 and T-55 are one of the most recognizable and popular main battle tanks in human’s history. T-54 tank was a continuation of T-44 development, and first appeared shortly after WWII. Since than, more than 100 000 units of T-54 /along with T-55/ were produced and are still in active duty all around the world. They are constantly modernized, showing the opportunities that the design provides. Although inferior to many of the newer designs, T-54 /and -55/ is proven to be very successful, especially in guerrilla warfare, urban theaters and rebel actions of any kind.

It owns the most popular and famous tank profile, and even old – it is still very beautiful. The modeling world was missing a decent kit of T-54 for number of years, and even though Trumpeter promised new line of T-54 and -55s, they still haven’t provided. T-55s from Takom are great, but we were still missing the T-54.

MiniArt stepped up. They developed an insane scale model in 35th scale, featuring almost everything that you can find in the real T-54, but this time in plastic. T-54 is not a big tank – in other words it is crowded inside. Guess how’s that happening in MiniArt’s 35th scale copy. We have engine, driver’s compartment, gunner’s compartment, two types of wheels, armament…everything!

To be honest, even a T-54 lover, I have my doubts about how I am going to cope with all this details. They are so small and tiny…just check the video below. Whatever we try to say about MiniArt’s new T-54 it will not be enough. They exceeded any possible expectation in modeling terms. I haven’t seen such a kit so far. Not even Rye Field Model Tiger with interior is not that crowded. And again – T-54 is a small tank!

Cannot wait to get my hands over it! Check the video that MiniArt shared down below, and you judge for yourself!