Su-30SM for the Blizzard Scheme DN Models Masks for scale models

Su-30SM for the Blizzard Scheme

Su-30SM is a variant of the famous Su-30MKI – the capable-of-all-defying-gravity maneuvers aircraft – that is designed specifically for the Russian Air Force. Its code name is Flanker-H and fits modern Russian requirements perfectly. That was achieved by “tuning-up” the MKI to the SM variant by providing the proper electronics, friend-foe systems and radios. Everything that Russian Defence Ministry thought it was make it the perfect military machine considering the specific needs.

Su-30MKI became famous for its Blizzard camouflage scheme, which became so inspiring, that the US Aggressor Squadron accepted as one of the variations for their F-16s. DN Models released the camo scheme for the Su-30 some time ago, based on the high demand for that camouflage mask set. However, up to recently, there were no kit on the market that would suit that camo scheme quite as good as any of the recent releases of the Su-30SM will.

Su-30SM Blizzard camo scheme Zvezda 1/72 DN Models Masks For Scale Models

The DN Models Su-30 Blizzard is available in two variants – 72nd and 48th scale. Zvezda covers the first one. Although not the perfect representation of Su-30 in 72nd, Zvezda’s kit is very suitable choice for building the SM and with very good accuracy too. There is some comments about the lack of proper “contemporary” riveting on that kit. However, the kit features the canard scheme, which in most of the other options is missing and needs to be substituted. That can be done only with resin or scratch built elements, both of which costs either time or money. Often times both.

Just recently, Kitty Hawk announced 48th scale version of Su-30SM. A “new tooling”, which is based on their Flanker line that is expanding rapidly last months. At least with expected releases. The quality of the kit will be similar to Kitty Hawk’s Su-35, which is considered “second best” on the market. However, for Su-30 variant, this will be probably the best kit out there as of the date of its release. Latter one should be either in the beginning or in the middle of 2020.

For both of those kits there are various camouflage schemes available, but none of those comes close to the Blizzard demo camouflage, which is by far one of the most attractive Sukhoi show-stoppers. Luckily, DN Models’ sets in both 48th and 72nd scale are based on HobbyBoss/Trumpeter kits, which in general are very accurate and will cover Zvezda 72nd and Kitty Hawk’s 48th tooling.

The release of both scales of masks sets might’ve been done a little bit too early for many, but now the kits are starting to appear and the pieces of the puzzle will click perfectly. Because if you are about to do a Su-30SM Flanker H, no matter 72nd or quarter scale, this camouflage is the way to go.