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StuG Ausf G. – 1/16 from Das Werk & Takom

Its been a while since such pleasant news appeared in the large scale of the armor modeling. 1/16 is a scale that is getting more and more popular, but this is happening rather slowly and at a pace dominated by very few companies. Fortunately, late summer 2021 and there we have it – Das Werk announced that this year 1/16th scale Sturgmeschutz III will appear on the market. That is done in cooperation with Takom. Latter one – with experience in 16th scale armor and loved by many armor modelers.

StuG III was the most-almost-everything armored vehicle of the WWII used by the Germans. It was the most-produced, most-popular, most-feared etc. Nowadays it is one of the most-loved-by-modelers tank killer, however in 35th scale we must admit it – it is rather small. Many variants are available, some better than others, but still – everything in 35th scale. Finally, due to the high-demand Das Werk, together with Takom promise to deliver a StuG, that seems to be the first of many options to come.

Blitz by Takom StuG III in 35th scale is a beautiful kit. Simple, straight forward, relatively cheap and with good accuracy. DML on the other hand are dominating the high-accuracy, high-quality StuGs in 35th scale and one of them was repacked and released by Das Werk with great success recently.

Takom and Das Werk are now in this bigger scale game together. Logic says that we should expect nothing less than similar or better quality from its upcoming Sturmgeschutz III. Probably there will be some interior features and in that scale – tons of improvement possibilities that aftermarket companies are longing for. We, from DN Models will try to deliver useful masks for the insignia for sure, as well as probably some camouflage options, depending on the possibilities that kits present us.

However, what we expect is not aftermarket parts, but a good quality, decent priced StuG III in 16th scale, because we have waited for this long enough. And we expect it such OOTB! With the current technology and information flow, it will be a criminal act not to deliver one of the best StuG options on the market ever, considering the bigger scale involved. Recent history shows that Takom can be trusted and Das Werk are probably on the right path as well. We hope to see the kit very soon, fingers crossed to be satisfactory release and we wish you all:

A happy StuG life!