storm factory f-5 1/32 dn models scale model masks

Storm Factory F-5 1/32

Storm Factory sounds like a metal band’s name. Or an action sitcom. But it is not. It is the name of a model maker. One, that just popped up from the far east, with kits that we are well aware off. It is definitely good news, especially knowing that they are kicking the door in with the 32nd scale and with a very, very loud bang.

Remember Kitty Hawk? The slightly over-engineered kits with interesting subjects like Bronco, P-39, MiG-25, Black Hawk and what not? Shortly before their rapid and unexpected downfall they released F-5 in 32nd scale. Now guess who’s back with that same tooling?

That’s right. Storm Factory.

With their freshly announced line of 3 kits, 2 of which are F-5 Freedom Fighter variants in 32nd scale, Storm Factory gave much more than a clear signal what’s going on. The third kit, to serve as a topping on the cake is the very well known Little Bird helicopter, well known from its history with KH releases from the last decade.

storm factory f-5 1/32 dn models scale model masks

Surprising, somewhat expected and overly exciting, the revival of the toolings of Kitty Hawk will be extremely warmly welcomed by modelers. With the announcement that KH are going down, their kits reached peak prices, some of their helicopters topping $300 or even more. Quite a lot of modelers remained disappointed and longing for some boxes that they never get to own.

You can take a breath now. We sure did. Because it seems like those two F-5s and the Little Bird are a good and fairly certain indication that soon, KH will resurrect and will return with full swing.

Kitty Hawk’s Mirage 2000 was one of their last kits in 32nd scale and according to the rumors, it was the main reasons for them going down. In other words, if that is true – this will be the kit we won’t be seeing re-released from Storm Factory. But we can only guess at that point. And we surely hope that we are wrong on that assumption.

What can be better than KH coming back?

Let us suggest – Storm Factory releasing the never-released KH Su-25s in 48th and give us some more variations of F-5s, as well as reviving the Bronco in 32nd. In other words – continuing the legacy of the once famous model maker. We are very excited to see what’s next for Storm Factory and we wish them all the best!

Welcome back!