Sparmax Anniversary – 40 years in business.

Sparmax – four decades this year

40 years is a long time. A human being evolves significantly within such time. Grows, learns a lot, chooses a profession, creates a family. Some people do a lot more than that too. 40 years is almost half of the human’s life nowadays. So sustaining a successful business for 40 years is something very hard. As you can imagine, so many things might happen for four decades, that it is almost impossible to not encounter business-ruining reasons within that period. Surviving it, is – by itself – an achievement.

Years following the crisis after 2008 boosted many new companies creations. Competition is fierce and ruthless. For established players like Sparmax it might seem like a minor problem, but imagine how many retailers are pushing into eBay with not-so-competitive items and how that creates a gap in the markets. Even though not quality proven, they do tempt with a price and surviving this is hard. Now add to that 3 more decades of experience, and you will get a basic perception of what a company lives through for such a long period.

Major WorldWide supplier 

Since 1978, Sparmax produces parts and products for their own brands as well as for others. They are well known and they come from Taiwan, a place where not so long ago, quality outsource production was a benchmark. Sparmax are famous among modelers last 10-15 years, but that is mostly because of the internet boom and the way that information distributes itself along the web. The fact is, that Sparmax is a World Wide supplier of airbrushes and related goods for much more than that.

Taiwanese company produces various airbrush lines, featuring some of the best designs available. They do offer compressors, as well as supplementary products and most importantly – they are available almost everywhere. Their old products like DH series are being improved and now MAX airbrushes are very user friendly, while in the same time keeping the affordable prices and what the company stood for – the reliability.

Some of the Best Products

My favorite airbrushes are pistol grips. Sparmax GP series are perfect example for such. I have both GP-35 and GP-50 and I use them both, with confidence and trust. The fact is, that I no longer use my Iwata Revolution TR, since I found Sparmax to be working equally adequate and parts to be more accessible and affordable.

MAX series are another favorite bench tool of mine. And not only me. I have couple of fellow modelers who does not use anything else but MAX 3 or MAX 4 anymore. One of them got it to start priming with it and quickly realized that MAX airbrush is more suitable for daily airbrushing, instead of single-job oriented tool.

The compressors too. The most portable-friendly and comfy compressor that I ever used is Arism VIZ. Alongside with it, Sparmax offers a lot larger applications and of course with various purposes. I am talking personal experience here only. Many people swear by SC-2010 or TC-620X, which are cased and professional compressors for more than modelling if you decide so. In our hobby too – perfectly suitable.

What to expect

There will be Sparmax exhibition stand at Nuremberg Toy Fair later this month in Germany. The exhibition takes place in between January 31st and February 4th. That is one place where you can meet and greet with company representatives and most importantly – get to see and feel the products personally. Of course, there will be attendance at other venues on different Continents, but this is one of the biggest and it is very close time-wise.

Hopefully, there will be examples from the new Zeta Compressor, which features Smart stop and it is the biggest of this line of compressors. That would be of particular interest for many, since it is compact and affordable piece of machinery. My Sparmax compressor review might give you some idea what to expect from the series, but again – Zeta will be bigger.

Besides, even the older products are still very popular, so many would love to see and learn more about them. Especially the bottom feed airbrushes, which are forgotten by many companies and somehow they are neglected by modelers. They are still very good option though and I suggest to check up on those too, if you are going in Nuremberg this winter.

The Future of Sparmax

Another interesting thing to mention is the Sparmax International Airbrush Competition, which is ongoing. The time limit is until February 28th and if you are interested in more information you should visit The competition is based on the 40th anniversary of the company and winning that would be a challenge and something that one might proud of. As for what the future holds, Sparmax can only surprise us.

Company with 40 years of experience and many successful products is expected to grow in size and quality-wise. Products from all sorts are now easily obtainable from all over the World, so it is a tough place to work in. Chinese copies have flooded the market, big companies merge, old ones arise from the ashes. Within this environment Sparmax is about to prove that they are among the best. So far I think they’ve done a very good job taking their place onto the airbrush and compressor scene. Based on that, my expectations are for brighter future with more innovative products, wider spectrum of tools and supplies and many more happy clients!

Happy Birthday Sparmax!