miniart 35226 soviet assault imfantry dn models review unboxing

Soviet Assault Infantry in Winter Cloaks from MiniArt


A good diorama always includes unusual things in it, especially in terms of figure modeling. The most important thing is to catch the proper moment from a scene, where a surprise, an action and expectation are implemented into one. This being said, in terms of figure options, Miniart are one of the most popular companies on the market with various options for almost every interesting era and theme. One of their latest – Soviet Assault Infantry with Winter Cloaks – 35226 is what we’re about to look at here.

The Box:

We have standard for Miniart’s figure sets box, made from glossy cardboard, colored all around and all-around-interesting. On the top of course is the boxart of 35226 – 5 soldiers in winter cloaks, each in different position with individual expression and appearance. With short description of the number of parts and the fact that the kit is from WWII Military Miniature Series, the boxart is missing background which leaves the focus on the soldiers and their looks.

On the sides there is some of the other MiniArt kits which are available, being some sort of hints for the modeler who bought this. Maybe, just maybe some people who get this by chance will be interested in other Miniart products and the Ukrainian company used the space quite thoughtfully.

The back of the box features the instructions and paint tables, including various paint manufacturers, with both – most used all-around the World and also less popular brands all together.


There are five soldiers in this set and each one of them is in different position and in slightly different appearance. The back of the box gives suggestion on how to paint them, which is very straight forward. Each soldier is positioned on a different sprue and the paint guide follows that pattern too.

The guns are also marked with different numbers, from 1 to 3, because we have three types included in the set. Respectively we have repeating weapons for some of the soldiers here.

Everything is pretty much self explanatory, however figure painters know well, that painting is the trickiest part of this build and even simple to assemble, it is hard to be done realistic.


We have sprues for each soldier, which gives one unusual advantage. In case you decide not to use the whole set, this pretty much saves space and put neat order into your stash of spare parts, since everything you need for a specific figure with a pose of your preference is molded into single frame. That saves time when building and space when storing.

The quality of the plastic is the typical MiniArt – softer plastic than the one they are using on the vehicles and tanks, with little bit of flash and superb texture.

The face expressions, the small details – everything is here. Especially nice I discovered to be the weapons. Since I am not using that much figures in my builds, those are perfect as a stowage for some of my 35th sale tanks and trucks. The quality here is very good and it is tempting for every modeler to put some of these on the back of the vehicle that they are building, just to spice up things a little bit.

Overall quality of the plastic is good and we have no less features than the usual MiniArt Military Miniatures set, which makes this a set with good enough quality.


This set is one with very flexible use. For example, you can use this to make an ambush scene, featuring German vehicle, or maybe a captured one, being guarded. Also, you can use the Soviet crew here for a standard diorama featuring standard Soviet scene in winter atmosphere.

The amount of detailing molded into those figures allows you to work a lot and create various additional interesting effects, plus the fact that the winter camouflages – no matter tanks or uniforms – are very attractive.

MiniArt 35226 is the standard figure set from the Ukrainian company with good qualities and will be warmly welcomed by diorama builders.