Short trip to the museum

T-55 Russian Tank

I made a long time postponed visit to the Military Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria. It wasn’t thorough, and the weather wasn’t so nice, but still  I got the idea of the stuff exhibited there. I made couple of pictures just of the vehicles outside, since I wasn’t well prepared for the trip, and as I mentioned
just before – the weather wasn’t promising. However, there is a lot more to be seen that I didn’t photographed.

That trench-digger grabbed my attention

For some the exhibition would not be of such great interest, especially if before visited Yad La-Shiryon at Latrun or US Army Ordnance museum in USA, but still it have some nice things in it. The items are not so well maintained and some are painted in wrong colors /mostly russian green/, or, as you can see on the picture above, the windows are covered and painted.

Anyway, the expo has its highlights. Especially Nazi STUGs, which were in Bulgarian service. If you don’t bother the fact that tracks on some of them are attached the wrong way you will like them a lot.
That should be the color they used on it while in service in Bulgarian Armed Forces

There are a lot of Cold war articles, as well as some old stuff. Few aircraft, in extremely bad shape. Especially coloring and markings are 100% “no comment” section. There were some repair works during winter 2013/2014 and maybe then some of the tanks were refurbished, but I cannot tell for sure.

One of my favorites out there

The museum is not so big, but you will find things to see and do, and easily can waste half a day for your time. Since some of the vehicles are rare items, and tanks in general are not to be seen often on the streets, I think it will be time well spent out there. To wrap it up – if you visit Sofia for whatever reason, it is located in the central area of the city, and since Taxi services are not so expensive and the museum ticket itself is cheap too, I recommend you to visit it.

I guess anybody can find something interesting there!
Old Skoda tank
Some military vehicles based on russian tank chassis /I believe T-55/
P.S. The most interesting pieces of Bulgarian history in terms of tracked vehicles was found near Bulgarian-Turkish border just couple of years ago. There were Nazi tanks buried in the ground to serve as bunkers and some of them are rare and valuable items. However for whatever reasons, they are not restored and exposed in the museum. Hopefully sometime in the future they will complete the exhibition.
Jagdpanzer IV in great condition