Trumpeter SA-13 Gopher / Strela-10 9K35

Trumpeter SA-13 Gopher / Strela-10 9K35

Trumpeter SA-13 Gopher / Strela-10 9K35

Trumpeter announced their MT-LB kit and its following variants MT-LB6MA and MT-LB6MB maybe an year ago. Since that moment, many speculated what will come next from it. MT-LB #05578 appeared to be an amazing tooling, one of the most impressive toolings ever released from Trumpeter.

With its complete interior, semi-workable tracks and wonderful camo schemes, 05578 quickly gained reputation for a “must have” kit. That, in combination with the fact that there is no other decent MT-LB on the market made it a star!

From the moment that happened, many hoped for SA-13 Gopher variant. That is one of the most attractive and aggressively looking MT-LBs out there. Alongside MT-LBs fitted with 23mm twin anti-aircraft gun, those two were very important for modelers and collectors.

So Trumpeter announced the release of 05554 – 9K23 Strela-10 or the Gopher. Of course, that is based on the well known and already highly respected MTLB – 05578. It is not yet clear will the kit feature the complete interior of the latter, but most likely it will, since Trumpeter never spared plastic with their kits.

Strela-10 is a highly mobile, visually aimed, optical/infrared-guided, low-altitude, short-range surface-to-air missile system. A very mean looking vehicle, 9K23 is spread throughout many armies around the world and variations of camouflages and options when it comes down to modeling are endless.

Gopher was used in the First Gulf war, which now is within its quarter-of-a-century anniversary, which makes the new Trumpeter 05554 even more attractive.

That was very pleasant surprise from Trumpeter and in the same time being the expected extension of their MT-LB wonderful line of kits.

What will come next probably will be the ZU-23-2 variant of the MTLB. It is even more popular due to its mean looks and high effectiveness. Trumpeter do have ZU-23 variations in their line, mounted on different vehicles, so this will be a fact very soon eventually!

Good times for MT-LB fans!

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