Patriot System – Trumpeter, then Dragon and now another one!?!?

Patriot is definitely a behemoth of a kit in 35th scale. It went extremely popular subject once Trumpeter announced their release in 2015, but shortly after they made some changes. The whole Patriot System is a huge thing. It contains a tractor vehicle /HEMTT M983/ and a launching station /M901/. The second one holds AN/MPQ-53 Radar set of MIM-104 Patriot SAM System (PAC-2). So cleverly, Trumpeter decided to separate the kits for two obvious reasons: the price of the whole set and the size of the box.

Trumpeter HEMTT M983
Trumpeter HEMTT M983

Price is something you can live with, but imagine a box weighting several pounds and the transportation costs for that, not to mention the questions from some of your lovely wives once the kit arrives. Lucky for me, mine is a modeler too 🙂

That on the other hand didn’t stopped Dragon /DML/ from announcing their own new tooling of a Patriot system with MIM-104B and SAM System PAC-1, which is a bit different version of the same thing. However, what we recently have here, is a third party in that Patriot game – the AFV Club. And they did the most tricky thing ever, getting Patriot from Trumpeter /the sprues only/ and repacking it, spicing it up with their perspective of a good model kit. Including photo-etch parts, resin parts, new wiring and some different decals.

M901 Launching Station & AN/MPQ-53 Radar set of MIM-104 Patriot SAM System PAC-2 Trumpeter #01022 1:35
Trumpeter M901 Launching Station

I cannot talk about Dragon Patriot yet, since it is not out and I haven’t got my hands around it. But for Trumpeter, I can tell you that it is very nice kit, although a lot of modelers complain about missing details and the usual subjects of “what if Trumpeter added…”. Yeah. I know it is boring, but hey, Patriot system is one helluva big kit and I agree that it deserves a bit extra attention to detail, especially for what we pay for it!

Dragon Patriot System Due out sometime 2016
Dragon Patriot System

So AFV Club eventually heard the cry and they repacked everything, with – supposedly – the bits missing from Trumpeter release. I thought Eduard and Wingman are best in doing that – repacking kits with add-ons, turning them into super-kits and for little extra money to please the most pretentious modelers. But obviously AFV Club entered the game too.

Colored hoses visible here


I cannot say that this step was a necessity, because we have Voyager PE upgrade set for Trumpeter and not only that, but the Patriot System kit is a challenge even for experienced modelers, thus they will know how to scratch super detail the thing. Yet, AFV Club is covering slightly different market and that was another reason to do it that way.

The Launching System M901
A trailer of the Patriot System

I am pretty sure most of you will be pleased to see it in the stores soon! I will be!

You can get two Trumpeter kit here /same sprues/:

Launching Station

HEMTT Tractor

Watch the Trumpeter kits reviewed here:


Pictures of the AFV Club Patriot System seen in the article are from various sources, mainly AFV Club Facebook Page