Building, Painting and Weathering - Panzer III Ausf.D from MiniArt

Building, Painting and Weathering – Panzer III Ausf.D from MiniArt

Built by Nushi Nikitova, this is one of the few Panzer kits completed by a lady modeler. It has more than 1000 parts, and requires experience to be built properly. The video features the whole process from start to finish, and I will let You be the judge of the results. Panzer III is one of the most successful tanks of WWII. MiniArt kits dedicated to Panzer III series feature pre-production vehicles, built in small numbers. Of those, Panzer III Ausf.D is the last produced. From then on, all Panzer III models were built in large numbers and featured different suspension with few wheels per side.

In the video, the kit is built with simple methods and using materials and tools that are relatively inexpensive. The idea is to show that any budget can satisfy your modeling needs, especially if one is dedicated to the hobby. Panzer III Ausf.D features single-tone camouflage. Only few Panzer III Ausf.D were produced in two tone camo. That adds to the idea of building simple. However, building simple does not mean building with low quality. Single tone camouflages, especially German gray camouflages can be very tricky paint jobs.

Finishing is done with easy to find materials, some of which can be done at home. If you follow the process through, you will be able to receive similar /if not better/ results. Have fun watching!

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