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Panzer III Ausf.J 1/16 from Takom/DasWerk

Panzer III is another tank that does not need any introduction what so ever. One of the most famous armored vehicle of the Second World War and a platform for StuG III – the most produced German armored vehicles of that same period, the Pz.Kpfw.III is a legend. Among armor modelers, Dragon Panzer III Ausf.J in 35th scale was one of the most loved kits, both because considered accurate and due to its interesting and balanced appearance. However, in 35th scale, Panzer III is rather small. Especially as of today and the new standards in modeling.

Takom are continuing their march towards upscaled market, where you can easily find 1/16th kits that feature and sometimes improve the quality of the miniatures in 35th scale. Although technology-wise it is easy to break down a 16th scale kit into a lot more and a lot smaller parts and sub-assemblies, that already has been done in 35th scale where the challenge is very high. Thus, in 16th scale we can see kits of popular vehicles and /for the moment/ from very few producers, but with aesthetic value more than everything else. In other words, only the most attractive go for that scale at this point.

Well, Panzer III Ausf.J is one very beautiful machine and Das Werk alongside with Takom are about to capitalize on that. While others probably considered 1/16th scale of this vehicle and of course Trumpeter already exploiting the subject of Panzer IIIs bigger sibling, Takom and Das Werk made another move in the right direction with this release.

The kit itself will be 3 in 1 set, including DAK and standard version, two types of barrels /both metal/, workable tracks /not that we expected anything less anyhow!/ and two engine decks OOTB. That begs for more than one in anybody’s stash, due to the potential flexibility of the kit, although Takom and Das Werk probably won’t stop with a sole release. With the many Panzer III options, it is highly possible that others will follow.

The news of this upcoming release are exciting but not unexpected. With the StuG III invading the 16th scale market and potentially in many variations soon, it was only logical that its Panzer III platform would show up eventually. Still, this was quick and it is one great add-on to the modeling World of armor, where fierce competitiveness drives things forward with great speed and for the joy of modelers. Adding to that is the fact that already a great new releases of Panzer III are available in the smaller scale, which makes things even spicier. But in the end, we all know this is a win-win situation for the modelers. We might as well enjoy it!