News from ICM in three scales

News from ICM in three scales

ICM were always creative with their releases. Subjects, sometime so esoteric that hardly recognizable, as well as many long-awaited releases are within the lines of the Ukrainian company. This year starts with promising releases for 2025, in three scales with different subjects, that many of us will be more than happy to see. And knowing what ICM are capable of offering, we look forward with excitement:

Tarhe 1/72

ICM’s 35th scale Tarhe was one of the best selling kits in the helicopter market of the last year. Even more than that, it was one of the most built rotorcraft, with so many displayed, that one might get the feeling that Tarhe was all that modelers were waiting for. With its astonishing size and fantastic looks, it became a show stopper from the get go.

But for some – the size, that made it so attractive – was an issue. And that is understandable too. In the real World, Tarhe is a giant helicopter. It was meant to be such, considering its purpose. Therefore, many passed on the offer. And now, we are expecting to see ICM’s soon-to-be released – a scaled down Tarhe, this time to 72nd scale.

News from ICM in three scales dn models

1/72 will shrink the helo significantly and will widen the market for ICM, all together with making many modelers overly happy. Sometimes, for such big flying machines, smaller scale is the most logical answer. And with that said, we don’t want to undermine the 35th scale Tarhe, just the contrary. It was /and still is/ one of the best ICM releases to date. But with that, we have to give it to them, 72nd scale Tarhe was a must and they will deliver.

Black Hawk 1/48

Black Hawk is one more very interesting kit that ICM are about to deliver. ICM’s is in several versions /the Black Hawk and its derivatives/ and even though another is already available from competitive companies, Ukrainian tooling is expected to somehow alter the scene. ICM kit are not the easiest in terms of building, but that is justified by the miniature details that this company provides. Thus, this Black Hawk /+ extended family/ will most likely quickly become a leader on the market. And if you wonder why not in 35th scale but in 48th, well, ICM will do that too. A 35th scale Black Hawk will follow, most likely next year. However the smaller one /48th/ is almost out there as we speak. The line will expand soon though. In 2025 we will have more than just one in the 48th and they will start hitting us with 35th as well.

News from ICM in three scales dn models

Hs129 1/48

Henschel 129 in 32nd scale was released by Zoukei-Mura not so long ago. Their tooling is a must for the attack plane lovers, despite the big size and mostly due to the goodies embedded in the tooling. ZM kit is out of this World. But the 48th scale market is still dry for that bird. There are Hasegawa and its repacks, but they are old and rather obsolete. What ICM are about to deliver is a brand new tooling of this aircraft, which is also expected to be a big hit.

News from ICM in three scales dn models scale model masks

Hs129 is abundant on camouflages and overly interesting weathering options, which makes it perfect for a new tooling in the first quarter of 21st century. Technologies that ICM /and many others/ use to super-detail smaller kits /even in 72nd nowadays/ will be a perfect basis for that mud mover of the Second World War and will give us a brilliant canvas to work with. After Zoukei-Mura in 32nd, anyone’s new and decent in 48th was logical. ICM got that seat. In other words, Hasegawa and friends will step down. At least for now.

Thus far, that is all we know, but we are pretty certain that there will be more great news this year. In the meantime, modeling is getting better hobby by the minute and thanx to companies like ICM, Eduard, MENG, TAKOM and many others, we are yet to see the best years of it.