Modeling Madness reviews of DN Models Mask sets

Recently, Scott Van Aken, owner of Modeling Madness, one of the oldest and most respected websites about scale modeling on the web acquired two sets of DN Models Mask sets. We were delighted that famous person like Scott expressed interest in our products, and we were very excited to see his review of our mask sets.

His work in Modeling Madness is very well known, so DN Models was counting on what he was about to say. The reviews that he makes are honest, straight to the point and leave you with no option for a surprise once you get the item in your hands. That’s why, DN Models mask sets were both in good hands, and in the same time creating a little pressure inside of our minds. Scott’s words are to be taken seriously and what he was about to write was of high importance. The quality of DN Models is generally well accepted, however from time to time we receive some odd questions about the usage of the sheets, or some comments about the instructions.

Not that we expected some negative comments from Scott, but as I’ve said above – his words are to be taken seriously, and I believe that written review from him are of great importance. There are many reviewers out there, but we all know that they are reviewing for different reasons, and Modeling Madness is one of the few websites that give you a fair description without painting unnecessary pink or gray colors around their words.

So, we got two reviews from Mr. Scott Van Aken, which I would like to share with you. This is a small portion of the line that DN Models offer on the market, but you can get the general idea. Thanks to Modeling Madness for the kind words and I hope you will find those links useful:

Review of the ZTZ-99 MBT from DN Models

the item can be found here: ZTZ-99 MBT Digital Camo Mask set

Review of Me-109K Mask Set from DN Models

the item can be found here: Me-109K Mask Set Insignia and Canopy