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Modelcollect B-52 – five options upcoming

Modelcollect B-52 came as a surprise when it was announced. The company is famous for their 72nd scale tanks, so making planes, especially that size was kinda unexpected. But like everybody, Modelcollect are looking to expand. And they did a good job with their B2 Stealth bomber. For B-1, there is some controversial expectations /based on whatever?/ and as far as the BUFF, this might be the same.

There are five options announced so far. B-52G, B-52H, B-52D, B-52H Early and B-52G Early. G-version was pre-reviewed and as far as the author of that review concluded, there are some issues with the tooling. Of course, having issues is inevitable. However, having major issues with a kit that is to be released in 2018, when flying cars are about to start running over our heads, is somewhat unsettling.

We can get pretty much everything with the help of computers today and most likely, one of those easily granted wishes is a nearly perfect kit. So why Modelcollect made an error with the tooling? And that is alleged error of course. Well, the answer to that question is still about to be discussed.

Modelcollect B-52 is not spread throughout modeler’s benches. Not yet. And it will be, soon. With that said, one must know that every modeler’s perspective is different. Some count on correct plans to compare. “Correct” is again, preceded by the word “allegedly”. Others count the panels and rivets and what not. There are that huge party of modelers, that doesn’t care that much, just enjoy the building process and eventually alter a thing or two of the kit, for better appearance. So it is yet to be revealed, is the Modelcollect B-52 a decent kit or not.

So what might be the verdict?

Knowing the high standards of today’s modeler society, I would say that most likely Modelcollect B-52 will be a decent kit and a one that you must have. Especially if you like the BUFF. You might need to fix a thing or two, but it is a good to have new tooling, something that you can upgrade from and something that most likely will get a ton of aftermarket. Rather sooner than not. The price is not low, something above $100 mark, but it is still acceptable.

So I am keen to get one for a review and see how the things will work out. That sole review that you can find online is not a certain sentence for that kit. Besides we got five options. One of them might be perfect. As the old saying goes: Even the broken watch, get to be right twice a day.