2016 Modeling Show Season is gaining speed

The show season is almost here, and this one gonna be a tough one! First shows in Central and East Europe are very close, including of course, the highlight of those – Moson show 2016, which is only a month away. I know that this show is very controversial with its famously odd judging, however it is one of the most visited ones, and for those who go for the fun and not for the medals and awards, this isn’t a problem.

In UK, shows are going on since the beginning of the year peaking at Telford which is in the autumn, but this doesn’t mean that they are not happening now too. Actually, if you pay attention to the modeling show calendar, pretty much each month there is a place to be. In USA is the same. There are shows each week somewhere.

First of the important ones is Mosonshow actually, and it is most widely known. Then the newly organized Istanbul Scale Model World is in May. Or it supposed to be. They lack the proper announcements and websites to support the show, but it is only couple of years old and it is developing thing so we should cut them some slack. The other unknown thing about it is that it is located in the famous Koc museum, and the owner recently passed away at recently young age, so I am not sure is there going to be any consequences about that show. Hopefully – not.

The one that I wanna visit this year is Ioannina, which also lacks the announcements, but it is rather local based, cozy and small convention rather than a big show like Mosonshow, Istanbul or Athens IPMS.

Whatever the case is, I hope many of you will be there hosting or visiting, and we will get to meet each other, sharing our passion for that hobby! Write me down in the contact form where and when you will be, and I will let you know am I going there or not!

Hopefully more events are on the calendar so more fun times are coming!

Here are my memories from Istanbul 2015: