MiniArt Type 170V German Passenger Car DN Models Saloon Unboxing Review 38008

MiniArt Type 170V German Passenger Car (Saloon) – Unboxing & Review

MiniArt Type 170V #38008 is the latest of the Type 170 series released by the Ukranian company. Previously, we have seen Cabrio, Staff and Personnel cars, and now we have the standard civilian version.

Mercedes-Benz W136 was a line of 4 cylinder vehicles very popular during their time. The W136 was widely used and for many purposes and thus this car is one of the legends of its time. Many variants survived throughout the years, working hard throughout the 50s, and even 60s.

MiniArt version of Type 170V is one of the two toolings available on the market. Other one is Master Box LTD variations of the W136, which are very nice models indeed. They came to the market shortly before MiniArt and has been retooled once since. Nevertheless, the MiniArt kit still holds the crown when it comes down to Mercedes-Benz Type 170, and here we’ll see why.

The box:

The box is very lavishly made for that small vehicle. Beautiful boxart, great colors and 11 color variations of the vehicle depicted on the sides of it. We have a lady passenger right next to the Mercedes-Benz W136 Type 170V, parked right next to Junkers Ju-52 in its passenger version, probably Lufthansa bird.

Very neat and attractive!

The instructions:

They are the typical new MiniArt style with very nice execution, colorful and with thorough depiction of everything. This small Mercedes features many goodies and careful instruction follow up will be needed for successful completion of the build.

The sheet itself is almost as big as the ones that we have featured in their tank sets, /the ones without interior of course/ which can give you a hint about the complexity of the vehicle.

The Sprues:

The Sprues are a few, but with a lot of small details all over them. There is a cardboard box holding the upper part of the vehicle’s body. That helps it be kept safe and sound, since it is fragile and delicate part.

Especially nice is the engine of course, showing many small engravings and details and the only unfortunate thing here is that the weathering should be subtle, since the car was very reliable and technically sophisticated for its time. Not a bad thing of course, since we have shining outside appearance which will draw attention there.

We have a sprue with the lady passenger depicted on the boxart. This is made from the softish plastic material typical for MiniArt figures. The hair here is very realistic, the skin texture too. Although a bit exaggerated in appearance, once primed and painted the skin looks very convincing.

PE and Decals:

Small photo etch sheet is featured with many nice add ons. The front PE grill is the main advantage over Master Box kit and it is superbly delicate. I have some doubts about how this can be painted without clogging the tiny holes, but since it has been done before, it can be done again.

Thin and delicate photo-etch sheet with no comparison or substitute on the market. 40 of those parts in total is what we have in MiniArt 38008 Type 170V.

The decals are not many, but they are nice, specifically good looking one being the Deutche Post decal. It is over a green/black painted vehicle – standard for Deutche Post scheme for decades. The other specific looking vehicle is a taxi from West Berlin, sometime in the 50s.

Variants included:

In addition to those two mentioned above, we have most of the vehicles being two-tone painted cars,the standard for the period and for the appearance of this old-fashioned cars. There are single-tone colored ones, but in my opinion they do not present any specific interest.

11 variants is a lot and it will be hard to choose from the ones presented. Deutsche Reichsbahn is one of the other ones that struck me as very interesting one. Being red on the top and bottom with a wide white stripe along the bonnet and the doors. Superbly attractive in my opinion. We have one from Deutsche ReichPost as well. Bright red and shiny.

Overall – wonderful options thanx to MiniArt!


The conclusion is known already. I wrote it in the beginning of the article and for fans of Mercedes-Benz Typ 170 this is not a new kit. With its nearly 300 parts and 11 color variations /depicted on the box/, MiniArt #38008 is one of the most abundant kits when it comes down to variations and details.

We have many versions already released and this one just adds another option for a modeler to buy and build. Surprisingly, the small things are improved with MiniArt kits throughout the life of the model, like decal options, boxes and instructions but most of all, the plastic. This kit is definitely made from the new material, which is not certain if you buy some of the older versions. It is a Western European product, compared to the Russian plastic from the not-so-distant past and with the fiddly parts in the set, this is a potential alert. New material can suffer a lot more and gives you more flexibility and pleasure during the build. So even if you have an older Typ 170 from MiniArt in stash, this one here worth buying too.

For a more thorough review for those who are not deeply familiar with the subject, check out my YouTube channel for the video.

In the meantime about this kit – Highly Recommended.