MiniArt T-55 w/Interior – Best Cold War Tank kit?

Just two days ago, it was 50th anniversary from the Prague Spring. Some of us are too young to remember, but others do remember. I choose to post this article and review earlier than planned, just because of that anniversary. Prague Spring and Hungarian revolt 12 years earlier are among the saddest events of Warsaw Pact countries and that boosted my desire to release this review 5 days earlier than planned.

Best Kit in 35th scale is a phrase that you have seen already. A lot too probably. This is something different though. While reviewing this MiniArt T-55 I was really shocked by the amount of parts, complexity, challenges and engineering decisions that the Ukrainian company made. Hand in hand with that many amazing options are presented and are disguised into simple and rather dull paint schemes /not all of them/, simultaneously presenting endless possibilities modeling-wise.

This kit will be of great interest for all Cold War fans, most of the Tank modeling fans as well as to some World of Tanks and Armored Warfare players. Even though for non-experienced modelers it would be more of a burden, for those who are deep enough into that hobby it will be an amazing journey.

The review is long, and goes thoroughly throughout the kit, so if you expect to see something that is 3 or 5 minutes long, just skip it. I know for the professional modelers it would be rather short and incomplete though. With that said, please enjoy and remember that this tank was one of the main armored vehicles that supressed the free will of Czechoslovakians 50 years ago. What an anniversary. We should always remember and not let this happen never again!

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MiniArt T-55 w/interior – Best Cold War 35th Scale Kit?