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MiniArt StuG III enters the stage. Finally!

Shortly after the review we made on their Panzer IV, it is time to mention MiniArt again. This time they surprised the modeling community with an announcement that was long awaited. A StuG III is coming soon, this time a serial production. This comes as a long awaited continuation of their StuG III initial version and also surprisingly is announced parallel to their fresh Panzer IV that is staying confidently and firmly on the market.

MiniArt kits are not for the faint hearted. They are complex, demanding and highly detailed. Their kits take months to be completed. They are brilliant. A full interiored StuG III is begging to be released from such a company. Sturmgeschutz vehicle deserves it. Rye Field, Border, Takom and Dragon have declared their intentions on the market. They are in the game already, some longer than others. MiniArt however, stayed quiet so far. They had the foundation for it, but nobody spoke about a StuG openly. And although expected, this release wasn’t confirmed. Now finally the announcement of a new StuG III Ausf. G is a reason for a little celebration of its own.

The StuG III Ausf. G from MiniArt will come as an Interior kit. At least the very first one, which will be released under kit number #35335. It will be Alkett production vehicle, featuring figures and workable tracks. The photo-etch and the positionable hatches are self-explanatory when you know who will be producing this kit. Engine, Driver’s compartment, full ammo set and all the bells and whistles will come OOTB with MiniArt 35335. Heaven knows what they have planned for us in the future. It is more than certain, that they won’t stop with this StuG release.

Five color variants will be included and special attention is drawn to the box from the get go, depicting a dark grey StuG III Ausf. G, a rare sight indeed. Of course, experts will have their chance to say the final word on the accuracy and MiniArt should prepare themselves for a strict and harsh judgement. However, StuG experts are very knowledgeable and the judgement will hopefully /and most likely/ be an honest one too. Accuracy will be under serious scrutiny and that is a good thing. But so far the Ukrainian company have done their job with devotion and most likely this StuG III Ausf. G Alkett will be as good as everything else that they released to this date. So far, they haven’t dropped the ball. Not even once.

We are very excited for that new release and happy that StuG fans will have one more kit of that legendary vehicle to work with!

Thank you MiniArt!