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Mi-24 1//48 New Tool from Zvezda – Finally!


Mi-24 Hind is the best looking helicopter of all time, no doubt about that. Quarter scale scale model of that bird is available, but the quality of the kit is obsolete. Both in 72nd and 35th scale you can get the kit with toolings from Zvezda and Trumpeter respectively, but no new one dared to test the 48th scale market. Trumpeter promised a release of that in he early 2000s, with that promise re-appearing every once in a while. Even in 2019, there was a short announcement of their new tooling Mi-24 in 48th scale. So far, none of that happened. 

However, Zvezda dropped the bomb with a small hint about Mi-24 in 48th, although still considered pending release. In 2020 we are getting Hind from the Russian model maker in quarter scale. Considering the award winning 72nd scale tooling that they did a while ago, we should expect a very serious contender on the Mi-24 scene. Their 72nd scale kit is repacked by many and is constantly re-issued. It is small, but nevertheless it is a great kit to build and have. Eduard’s first Limited Edition Dual Combo re-rapck release was sold out within a day. They had to re-release it due to the great interest. So imagine now a bigger and hopefully a better tooling of Mi-24. Wouldn’t that be something?

We are at the end of 2019 and Zvezda are not famous for postponing their releases indefinitely, like AMK for example. So in the next few months, probably less than half a year ahead, we might be able to enjoy the mighty Hind in quarter scale. And if Zvezda manage to pull this off properly, it might become the best kit of the Hind in any scale. That is mostly due to its size. Because 72nd is a bit tiny, while 35th is a bit big and very demanding. 48th might be the best option for Mi-24 fans. Fingers crossed it will happen and it will be good as we wish it to be! We, at DN Models are ready for it. A whole line of 48th scale masks for the Mi-24 Hind is just around the corner!