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Merkava Mk.IID – Takom #2132

Merkava tank has been a synonymous for a superior tank for decades already. From Mk.I to Mk.IV, with all their variations, Merkava tanks were always feared and respected. Isreali Defence Forces depend on those Merkavas with their lives and these lethal machines does not let down. Among them, there are three very distinctive models. Those are Merkava IV, the newest one of the family, Merkava III.D and Merkava II.D. They differ from the rest of the Merkavas and from any other tank in the World today for that matter. Their shape is out of this time, resembling a space ship or a flying sorcerer landed on a tank chassis, rather than a standard tank as we know it and recognize it.

Merkava II.D is favorite for many due to the fact that it was the first of the spacecraft-like tanks, however it appears that it is the last to get a decent scale model. True that – Academy offered a variant of that, but let’s not fool ourselves: Academy Merkava tanks are not with contemporary quality. MENG Model, being the dominant company for Merkava lovers released Merkava III.D and not long after the Merkava IV, both very sophisticated and well-thought through models.

For the first and second generation Israeli tank lovers however, the only decent option was Takom. That was a good choice, but up until now, we received only early variants. One of the nicest Merkava tanks was missing.

With the announcement of kit #2132, Takom ended the longing for a new and modern tooling of the Mk.IID. Although it is not exactly clear when that kit will be released, it won’t be too far in the future. The kit will be based on Merkava II.B, which is already on the market. The reviews that modelers made concerning the latter one are rather positive, so we shouldn’t expect anything than an improvement of the first kit of the line.

Merkava II.D differs from the Mk.IIB by a lot of elements, most importantly the turret and the side skirts, some additional armor and many small things, that should all be addressed properly in the Takom’s #2132 release. Knowing the trend in the modern modeling world, a company will soon come up with a new and slightly different tooling on that same subject, and our best guess should be MENG Model. They will most likely keep the tempo and remain the dominant Merkava producer on the market. After all, they have the best Merkava toolings known to the modelers so far, so why not try and go with the Mk.IID as well? Not that Takom will be anything but gorgeous…

The more the better though!