Merkava Ball&Chain sets

Lately I’ve received a number of inquiries about Ball and Chain sets. In order to help out the ones who are interested in it, and to make everything more easily understandable, I will provide you with this article, featuring the set and “how-to” explanation.

Each set contains chain, which is approximately 50cm long, and set of chains, enough to complete one tank, and have enough material for spare use. The balls featured in the set are almost 100% identical to the ones included in Hobby Boss’ Merkava sets. However, the chain is thicker, and it looks more like the real ones seen on the Merkava tanks.

Hobby Boss set is nice, but usually the length of the chain is not enough, and as you can see from the picture above, the ball is quite unusually big for the chain they provided. Such difference is not seen on the real tank. The other important thing to mentions, is that Hobby Boss’ chain does not always looks straight. For whatever reason, the links are looking odd.

DN Models Set:
That is what the standard set looks like. On the picture above, you can see the chain is one piece, and right next to it – four samples of prepared links. You attach the balls to one side, and the other is attached to the tank. You can use the rail provided from Hobby Boss if you use their kit, or just super glue the upper link to the plastic. It is not visible eitherway.
Hobby boss’ rail used here

The set has about 70 balls, and they are more than enough for a single tank. The chains is also plenty, but you can even spare more, if you make a hook from tin wire, to attach the upper link to the turret.

I believe that in real life, that is the way for the ball and chains to be attached to the turrets of Merkava tanks.
Four pieces prepped, almost ready to be added to the tank

The price per set is $15,99 and that includes WorldWide shipping.

Here are some samples of completed tanks with ball and chain sets from DN Models /note that all of them are made with one extra link as required from the customer who bought them/ :