Masks for Meng’s 1/35 Char 2C – Alsace #93 camo scheme

Meng’s newest WWI tank features three camouflage schemes OOTB. Two of those are sole green color, but the third one is interesting spotted camouflage.
From what is visible on the few pictures that are left of this Super Heavy Tank, it seems like the camouflage lines are hard, and it is better to be done with masks than with freehand airbrushing.

I made a small research about the full camo scheme of #93 Alsace Char 2c, but I found nothing more then what Meng provided in their instructions. So I made masks for all the visible parts of the pictures /that I found/ and the Meng instructions, and for the rest of the tank I used a little imagination.
What I came up with was a mirror image of the left side which Meng showed, and some additional spotting for the rear and the upper parts. Of course, all the masks are separate, so you can displace them however you wish, which gives relatively free option for the side that isn’t described in the instructions.

The mask set has spots for the turret and the gun, as well as all spotting featured in the kit’s instruction sheet. The rest is quite an open interpretation of what was on the other side or on the upper/rear parts of this monster of a tank.
The mask should be helpful, even if not used in full, because even not exactly 100% accurate, they should save a lot of time masking. Besides, if you don’t have any pictures of the exact tank, its very hard to replicate the camouflage in full. And pictures of those tanks are hard to find.
Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or questions about the masks. I would love to hear from you. Besides, if anyone have info about the correct right side of the real tank, it will be a helpful information, since I can always change the project and cut new batch of those for higher accuracy.
Thanx for watching!