Magach 7C Update sets from Legend Productions

As soon as Academy released their Magach 7C, all the IDF fans got pretty excited about it. Of course, they are probably one of the most devoted fans when it comes down to specific subject /Israeli stuff in this case/ and the Magach is kind of a milestone there. The armor of the Magach 7C is pretty weird and specific, and that always gathers additional interest. However, as we all know, even though Academy release pretty cheap kits, they are not up to the current standards usually, and even if they are accurate, more often than not they need aftermarket goodies to look better.

So when it comes down to that – IDF upgrades, Legend Productions is the company for it. I am certain, that the moment Academy announced their Magach 7C, Legend started preparing for it, and soon enough they gave us two sets of upgrades one for each taste.

Me, I prefer simple things. That’s why I love Tamiya. And for people like me, Legend Productions released LF1323 – Turret basket for Magach 7C. It is one piece resin. Simple, sturdy, easy to assemble, not so easy to paint, but without the hassle of having numerous number of photo etch parts, metal rods, soft wire and all tricky kinds of stuff that made my life miserable while working on the Doher conversion.

As you might see in the pictures, the thing is self explanatory. This is a direct replacement for the kit’s basket, and its full of stowage – first thing that pops in your head when you think IDF Tank. Stowage…

Magach 7C has design that is similar to a spaceship rather than a tank, but it also has a basket, and IDF tank men usually fill that with goodies. So Legend Productions designed one with an abundance of items inside, tarps hanging around, more or less all-in-one package. Again – best suited for a lazy-modeler like myself.

The second upgrade set for the Magach – LF1324 is another story. Actually – the exact opposite.

Here we have 75 resin parts, 180 photo-etch ones, tin wire, metal rod and soft wire – pretty much all my fears combined. It looks like a great deal of stuff and it is. It also looks like a hell of a lot work and again – it is.

What also can be said, it that it is one very delicate, fine and stunningly looking add on for the Academy Magach 7C. It is not a simple upgrade, that’s for sure. But it is a precise and accurate representation of the real thing in scale. Most of the interesting parts are exchanged for resin ones. If you do not paint your kit, you will have a lot of light gray over beige /gray is resin, beige is academy/ and it looks great even before paint.

Rear grills looks intimidating, but this is only a mind barrier, rather than reality, because we all know that with patience, Legend Productions stuff have enough quality that can be counted on. And with the fact that Magach 7C is one of the rather interesting subjects of the IDF, this is a spot on for every IDF fan out there.

The price is not easy to live with, as with any Legend Productions set, but still they sell a lot, which means something.

According to me, when it comes down to IDF, they are the best. Apparently, many others think that way, because I’ve heard only positive stuff about those guys. They are Korean company, and I have no clue what they found in IDF, but they do great job working with it.

Academy on the other hand, gave us a fair number of IDF kits, such Merkava II.D, Gal Batash and now Magach 7C.

It seems the best is yet to come…

You can get the set here: LF1324

The article picture is courtesy of tank-encyclopedia