M1296 Stryker Dragoon from Panda Hobby

Infantry Fighting Vehicles are very interesting in their nature. They are not that mean and in the same time attractively ugly like tanks, nor powerful looking like howitzers. But they are important and vital part of the armored warfare. Without them, many things wouldn’t happen on the battlefield. I know many modelers that are focused mostly and some even exclusively on wheeled IFVs, just because of the reasons stated above. It is not a surprise too, that one of the most famous vehicles in the movie industry is one such beast – the Marine’s carrier from Alines /1986/, that Ripley used to squash few xenomorphs. In other words, IFVs are cool!

There are some Trumpeter releases, that are not bad, but have some problems. There are some AFV Club releases too, but they are a bit pricey and not suitable for novice modelers. So now on the horizon is Panda Hobby M1296 Stryker Dragoon in 35th scale, that might bring us some improvement over the two options mentioned above. Panda Hobby kits are often considered complex. Pretty much as the AFV Club options. But while AFV Club present us with tons of invisible detailing /or barely visible/ mostly positioned on the suspension parts, Panda Hobby are complex in their overall engineering and very nature.

What we will receive with this new M1296 Dragoon kit is a mystery at this point. It might be something very complex or something with upgraded ideas, something that Panda Hobby should’ve done quite some time ago. And hopefully it will be the latter. M1296 is relatively new vehicle, just couple years old /actually even less than couple/ and is yet to be examined by modelers via pictures and info. However, Panda Hobby gives a clear signal that a whole new Stryker family might be on its way and there is a pretty good chance that it will send those available on the market into oblivion.

Of course, resin wheels, metal barrel and what not will appear pretty soon, and probably stowage sets, which are mandatory add-on for such an amazingly looking vehicle in 35th scale. As mentioned above, it might not be the meanest thing on the battlefield, but from modeler’s stand point this is a brilliant platform. For both – weathering and resin upgrades.

For desert, the boxart is pretty amazing. A vehicles with couple of helicopters in the background. And a hint – such machines will appear pretty soon and in the same scale, plus 2018 tooling! If that isn’t tempting for armor lovers, I have no idea what is! The M1296 Stryker Dragoon will be a definite hit in my opinion. I bet that we will see a lot of these built in 2019 and they will be on the front rows in modeling shows! Just give it a couple of months. They will rock the modeling world pretty soon!