M113A1 1/16 from Andy's Hobby Headquarters dn models scale model masks

M113A1 1/16 from Andy’s Hobby Headq.

M113 is a vehicle that is extremely popular in 35th scale. There are many variants and sub-variants, conversion sets, resin add-ons and what not. The legendary M113 gained its fame during Vietnam war and additionally from its service with the IDF. It is so attractive and famous, that not so long ago former IDF vehicles were sold to a private company in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a show is being offered to civilians. Many served on the vehicle and remember it with nostalgia. Many love it for its cute shape. Most of all, a lot respect it for its survivability on the battlefield and throughout the decades.

With the current M113 kits there is one big problem. That is, in 35th scale they are tiny. In the same time the vehicle itself allows for many modeling techniques to be applied, plus the fact that the interior is rather interesting, which inevitably leads to some desires on behalf of the modeling society. Lately, 16th scale is stepping strongly forward, therefore appearance of M113A1 in 16th scale was somewhat also inevitable.

Andy’s Hobby Headquarters are playing that game from their very creation as a company. They are going BIG all the way. Their 9th kit in the series will be M113A1 2 in 1. It will feature standard and ACAV options. Also an interior, movable suspension, tracks, photo-etch, a figure and more, finally a gift for those who have been waiting for so long. And that is no surprise, knowing the fact that Andy’s Hobby Headquarters are one of the most visited modeling channels on YouTube and also, Andy’s store is very well equipped to serve your every need in most aspects of modeling. Experience often leads to logical conclusions and Andy, being an experienced modeler knew his way in the scale he picked for his main line. M113 is nothing short of a perfect choice and alongside his Sherman and Tiger /as well as others/ is going to be a definite hit.

For many, the news are getting even more exciting with the prospect of converting this 16th scale beast into something even more interesting. There are no doubts that different versions will follow if Andy’s kit is successful /about which there are little doubts actually!/, but we will most likely get a chance to immediately make this M113A1 into an IDF vehicle, which probably is the most battle-used variant of the famous APC. Inspirations can be gathered almost everywhere. Academy, AFV Club and Tamiya ruled the market in 35th scale, offering many options upon which aftermarket companies built a small empire of sets for IDF variations.

Again, there is a little doubt that this won’t be applied in 16th scale. The new Andy’s platform, mostly due to its size will be perfect in large scale and there will be a lot more that can be exploited in terms of painting and weathering when your kit is twice the size of its predecessors. There will be more to be seen, more to be modelled and more to be re-invented in the bigger scale. In other words, it is a whole new world.

The kit will most likely will materialize later in 2024, but for now, if you want to know more, visit Andy’s channel in YouTube and he will let you know himself. Whatever the case is and no matter how long it will take, this kit will be a game changer and it is already warmly welcomed! The wait is nearly over.


Picture courtesy of Andy’s Hobby Headquarters