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Lancaster Nose from Border Model

Lancaster Nose is the latest addition to Border Model line. It is interesting decision and in the same time some might take it as a desperate move. Let’s take a look from both sides of the story.

Not so long ago, a modeler which is a good friend to DN Models, made an interesting article about Chopping the models if you don’t have room for them. In it, a concept was introduced, presenting you with the option to sacrifice a model due to lack of personal hobby space, while in the same time keeping the most important segment /according to your preference/ from the plastic. Vividly showing the chopping process, the article truly opened the gates of hell for many stash queens and in the same time gave enormous satisfaction from the finished results. It is a double win situation – you have your space, you have your model built /most important part of it/ and your stash is with one more open slot for new commers. Of which there are plenty on the line for all of us.

Now, on the other hand, Border Model decision probably was based on something else. This is the other end of the spectrum. The model of the Lancaster, /that they allegedly got from the now gone Wingnut Wings/ came at an unbearable price. Many modelers shy away from spending too much on kits, especially with increasing options and constantly growing market. Prices are not staying at one level too. But the Lancaster probably hit an all-time high for a 32nd scale injection molded plastic which was a bit much in the end. This is too, one of the reasons we haven’t put out a DN Models mask set for it. There is not much demand. Which means it is not only us that decided to not go Border road. Many simply didn’t have the space for that multi-engine flying log. Others of course, was already on the Lancaster Assembly line with HK Models kit. Latter one, even though inferior to Border Lancaster, is cheaper /but not cheap by any means/ and most importantly, was the first one out there in that scale.

So what was it for Border Model? Was it the poor sales of the Lancaster in 32nd scale due to its huge price tag, or it was the option to offer a solution for those with limited space? Well, if they are clever enough, it should be a bit of both. Whatever the case is, soon, those who didn’t buy the 32nd scale Lancaster beast will be able to purchase a fraction of it. The new set seems to offer only the nose section /with full interior/, which considering its size, by itself is enough to fill many shelves and still be impressive enough for the spectator. It is important, that the nose art is usually in that section. So the possibilities are growing when you come to think of it.

For the price, we can only hope, but it is certain, that it won’t be as large as it was for the full kit. But neither the pleasure of building it.