Kotare Models and their upcoming Spitfire dn models masks for scale models

Kotare Models and their upcoming Spitfire

You probably already heard about Kotare models. If you haven’t – they are a new formed company from New Zealand, created by some of the ex-Wingnut Wings experts. Just like Beacon Models that we recently wrote about. They differ in their targeted scale though. While Beacon are aiming towards 144th market, Kotare are joining another scene, far more exploited and far more difficult to make a name in – 32nd.

Knowing Wingnut Wings and the astonishing qualities that their kits had, we can expect that Kotare are well aware of what they are getting into and what they are doing. After all, WnW barely had any competition thanx to their devotion and professionalism. Non-existent as a company in present day, WnW ex-team are still and there and luckily they are onto new ventures in the same business areas. And the above mentioned companies are the living proof.

The name Kotare /a name of a small bird from New Zealand/ circulated the web recently and there were rumors that something is brewing. Without much delay, Kotare announced their first upcoming kit in 32nd scale. And one might thing that following the tradition of Wingnut this would be a WWI aircraft. But no. Kotare entered the realm of the Second World War and not with something unseen, but with one of the most competitive subjects – the mighty Spitfire.

The first impression was that we have seen many Spits already and in any scale there are more than enough. But it isn’t exactly like that. It is true and only to some extend that there are many Spitfires. But they have different approaches engineering-wise and their age and availability varies much from country to country. In 48th scale the first generation Spitfires are pretty much exploited, that is another fact. Not in 32nd though.

In 32nd scale first generations of Spitfire deserve more attention and improvement than they have. Kotare probably are well aware of that fact that is why they picked the Spitfire Mk.Ia late as their first kit. Also, the “Late” in the name strongly suggests that there will be “Early” at some point. Most likely things won’t end up there either.

So far nothing overly intriguing right? Another Spitfire.

We think otherwise. The looks of the boxart of Kotare’s upcoming Spitfire bears the memory of Wingnut kits. If you have dealt with those, you should know that every little thing in those kits have been taken care of and when you look at Kotare’s upcoming boxart, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that this care and quality will be seen again. The team mentioned above is also a core of professionals that have history in scale modeling and very strong one at that. So yes, this release promises to be very intriguing. Because Spitfire from Revell and Spitfire from Tamiya share very few things besides the name. Kotare however, are expected to be on the polished side of things. This is an assumption of course. But knowing these facts it is a safe one to make.

So it seems that this Spitfire will be nothing boring, nothing already exploited and nothing that one should complain about. Just the contrary. It seems that Wingnut Wings team members, under new name will finally enter WWII realm with kits that are awaited and longed for, hopefully for long time to come.

We’re about to see very soon. Besides deep down we all know, that Spits will never be too many.