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Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B

Kitty Hawk Huey UH-1B in 35th scale. New tooling. Isn’t that great? You bet it is! And finally, after years of its initial announcement, Kitty Hawk released a boxart of the UH-1B 1/35, #KH5001. That happens amidst weird times for all of the inhabitants of our Planet. Being forced to keep social distancing, on a brink of a new economic crisis and with expectations of unpredictable changes, at least we get some good news. Because if now is not the time for staying home and making models, when will be it?

The Huey we expected from Kitty Hawk was different version. Couple of years ago, we were hinted that later variants will be released – either D or H. Vietnam era legends. And they probably will be. But when, this isn’t exactly clear. Actually, same goes for KH5001 – UH-1B. Don’t let the news of the boxart fool you. Kitty Hawk are not a company that keeps their deadlines or promises accurately. And we are not talking Hollywood postponements of the upcoming movies due to the virus panic. Nope. Even in perfect times, most of the new comers on the scale modeling market does not respect the time frames of their releases. Even though those time frames were set by themselves.

However, being a hobby that requires time and patience, scale modeling and its fans can tolerate extended deadlines. And with that said, the UH-1B will appear rather soon eventually. One of the reasons for that being the fact, that now people are forced to stay home, or at least limit their movement around. That eliminates traveling abroad and vacations too. So we take it that Kitty Hawk are not stupid and they, as many others will exploit the opportunity of releasing new and interesting kits. Maybe latter one being the reason why B version appears first too.

Kitty Hawk Huey is already available in 48th scale, for those who do not want to wait and want to start immediately. But we all have been waiting for this 35th scale release. And even though it took a while it will be great to have it. So brace yourselves helo fans, a new era in plastic modeling is on the horizon! And if you wanna wait for the 35th in those strange times that we live in, you can always count on Hollywood. Legendary movies like Apocalypse Now and We Were Soldiers are here to stay and keep you home, but more importantly – to motivate you for this upcoming 35th scale beauty. Use your time wisely!