Kinetic Anniversary Viper dn models scale model masks

Kinetic Anniversary Viper

Kinetic are notorious for their 48th scale Viper line. It includes numerous options spread throughout two toolings, one from 2008 and a follow up – from 2022. Arguably better than Tamiya’s kit, Kinetic’s F-16 line are favorites among modelers mostly because they feature astonishing paint schemes and various Fighting Falcon options. Those include Israel’s, HAF’s, demo camouflages, as well as many options based on different variants, from the very first blocks, till the latest, such as UAE’s Block 60.

It is understandable, considering the fact that F-16 is a legendary jet. It is one of the most numerous jets ever to be built, second to other legends, such as MiG-21. However, even though this sounds fascinating, it is also kinda sad. It is half a century old in 2024. Imagine for a moment, Spitfire and BF109s being still in production in the mid-80s. It is the same thing. However, the giants leaps that aviation technology took in the 50s, 60s and 70s of the previous century are no longer a reality today. Some even consider that we are going backwards, making new F-16s still, with no serious and relivable substitute available.

However, that is the reality of the age we live in. Nevertheless, one of the most beautiful jets ever to be made is still flying and with improved potential, constantly being promoted through various demo teams and with spectacular paint jobs. Saying that, Viper Demo in USA made a copy of the very first paint scheme applied on a Viper. Then known as Fighting Falcon, YF-16 wore white, red and blue, with which it took /accidentally/ for its first flight in 1974.

The Viper that Kinetic are releasing in their line is painted in the same way, however it is far more deadly and improved weapon of war, compared to the original. Actually, only the basic shape and the colors are the same. With that said, Kinetic made a perfect choice for their latest F-16 in their quarter scale line, with both beautiful and nostalgic demo scheme, reminding for an era long gone. The real jet will most likely be seen very soon at various airshows throughout 2024 season in US. We are happy to see it and somewhat saddened too. Because 50 years old?! Boy, the time flies.

Picture is courtesy of Kinetic