Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B 1:35 new tool trumpeter dn models scale model masks

Kamov Ka-29 Helix-B – 1:35

Ka-27 Helix in 48th scale from Hobby Boss was a big hit when it first appeared several years ago. Due to its interesting looks and non-standard approach rotor-wise, Kamov helicopters were always in the center of attention. Their miniature replicas as well. Adding to that the fact that Helix family is Naval oriented aircraft and we have nothing but a definite winner. Trumpeter/HobbyBoss knew that and they released Ka-29 Helix B in 72nd scale. That one, even though with competition from other companies appeared to be a hit as well.

Having Ka-29 Helix-B /or any other of its variants for that matter/ in 35th scale was a matter of time. You know when you have a Golden Goose at hand. Kamov helicopters in scale are one such animal for sure. And Chinese model maker knew that. With 72nd and 48th in line, 35th was something inevitable. So in early 2023, we expect to have a brand new tooling of Kamov Ka-29 variant available on the market. Some time have passed, but still, this hobby is not for the impatient.

It is likely that Trumpeter will introduce the 48th scale base scaled up and improved. By improved, we should expect multiple sub-assemblies logical with the upgraded 35th scale and opportunities that were thus far missing from the smaller scene. We have seen that game with Trumpeter in their A-6 Intruder series for example. Luckily, most of the times, they don’t disappoint. Hopefully, this time it will be the same.

Adding to that is the fact that the market for 48th scale Ka-27 is already full with tempting aftermarket goodies. We should expect the same for 35th scale. After all, Ka-29 Helix-B can accommodate up to 16 people on board plus the pilots and can carry interesting weapons, including anti-tank ones. Again, it is expected to see the aftermarket makers quite busy in 2023, providing a wide array of interesting add-ons, such as engines, cockpit, interior, wheels, unguided rocket pods, etc.

And we should not forget the theme. Ka-27/Ka-29 family is designed to fly over water. With interesting camouflage schemes, the weathering options especially in 35th scale are endless. Whatever Trumpeter manage to pull off with this kit, it will serve as a basis for fascinating show stoppers, with tons of sea weathering and even more intriguing scenes. We can only hope, that the wait won’t be too long.