Ka-52 Zimi Model 1/48 new tool 2023 dn models

Ka-52 by Zimi Model 1/48

Ka-52 is among the most wanted scale model helicopters last decade or so. With some availability in 72nd scale, this modern Russian attack helicopter is expected in 48th and 35th scale with eagerness by many. Unfortunately, thus far there were no serious attempts to fill that niche from any of the big model makers. Even Trumpeter/HobbyBoss or any of the other newly born Chinese companies never approached the subject in large scale, despite the real Chinese NAVY hinting a plan to order three dozens Ka-52K Katran helicopters from Russia. Katran, being the ship based variant of the Kamov’s helo would’ve been even more interesting add-on to the large scale model market. However still nothing happened in scale.

Kitty Hawk once had a plan to make that in 48th scale. And after they vanished suddenly, now just as suddenly a new company appeared, many of you haven’t heard of yet. It was something new for us too. They are called Zimi Model and they are self-titled as the “World’s most professional military model  manufacturer”. Quite a bold statement. Since Storm Factory already announced re-issuing of F-5 Freedom Fighter line in 32nd scale, releases concerning Kitty Hawk toolings from Storm or from another new brand were expected.

Zimi obviously are planning to take care of that, offering couple of armor models and now – quarter scale Kamov Ka-52 helo. The boxart presented is the same as Kitty Hawks’ once was, which leaves not much room for wondering too. But with all that said, before we actually see the finished product, we cannot be certain what exactly is about to pop up from the far East. It might be a brilliant kit, or…just another not-so-good pile of plastic envelopes. Kitty Hawk had the reputation of mixed bag of a thing, with their sets being beautiful, but oddly and sometimes /quite/ over-engineered kits.

ka-52 attack helicopter canvas

Nevertheless, the possibility for a serious stir on the 48th scale helicopter market is obviously ahead of us. Lately, with the new Trumpeter and Zvezda Mi-24s, as well as Hips from those same two and few other companies, 1/48 rotorcraft market shows signs of serious revitalization. Considering the fact that Ka-52 and Mi-28 /which is promised from Takom in 35th scale soon/ are two of the most wanted helicopters ever, this is great news. Lately, with the unfortunate war in Ukraine, those two gained even more fame, even though accompanied with some negativity. However, weapons of war are always like that. And Ka-52 has a serious future ahead of it, therefore scale-modeling-wise the gap must be filled ASAP.