Ka-52 Alligator kh80123 dn models masks for scale models

Ka-52 Alligator in quarter Scale


Ka-52 Alligator

is a dual seat attack helicopter, derivative from Kamov Ka-50 – Black Shark. The latter one is a single seat version and it was first flown in 1980s. Ka-52 Alligator appeared much later, sometime in the second half of the 90s. The extended crew was due to the changed concepts in the 90s and it supposedly gave the helicopter increased survivability. Due to the economic situation in Russia during that period, the serial production was delayed and the first helicopters started entering service in late 2000s. That – to some extent – makes the Ka-52 one of the newest helicopters in the Russian arsenal, despite its old roots.

Ka-52 Alligator – same as its single-seat variant – feature coaxial rotor system, which eliminates the need of a tail rotor. That helps in many regards, starting from weight, going through control, but the most important area that benefits from that design is the safety of the crew. Ka-52 Alligator features ejection system. In that regard, Kamov helicopters are unique.

Kitty Hawk

made a promise to their fans, which even with some time variations was fulfilled. In quarter scale, Ka-52 was expected for some time and will be very warmly welcomed by the modeling fans of the Alligator. At this point it is not yet clear how the helicopter will be designed. Kitty Hawk are famous for breaking down their kits into unusually and sometimes unnecessary many sub-assemblies. On the other hand, the real Ka-52 Alligator form allows for that and the specific subject can eliminate the design style weakness to some point.

Maybe the kit will feature more than just Russian markings, but that is only a speculation. Egypt is already flying its own Ka-52 and hopefully Kitty Hawk contemplated the idea. Armament-wise, KH were never stingy, so in that regards we can also expect decent amount of plastic included. Whatever the case is with the final product that is about to be released – we are in for a very hot kit and from a company that already proved their qualities on the helo arena.

It is true,

that this announcement comes with some downsides. Probably most important is the scale, because helicopters are traditionally done in 35th. However, Kitty Hawk Huey is still a best seller, as well as AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom. However we can only hope that this is just the beginning. They promised Huey in 35th scale too, which we are about to see. Maybe if the Ka-52 Alligator becomes a hit, it can be up-scaled as well. Only time will tell.

The fact that after all this time we will finally get Ka-52 Alligator from a decent manufacturer is great news. And that should happen sometime in 2020, hopefully rather soon. How deep into the future will the line development go – well, that depends on how popular the real Ka-50/Ka-52 family becomes. It has potential, so at this time it looks very bright!