Ju-87 G-2 Italeri/Tamiya Stuka in 48th scale

Ju-87 is one of the favorite subjects for aircraft modeling and yet, there aren’t enough options of that whistling legend on the market. Junkers Stuka is what you hear on every single video sequence excerpt from WWII, when they show planes turning, diving or whatever maneuvers they are doing. The “iieeeeeoowwww” sound does not come from each of them, but only from one – Ju-87 Stuka.

It somehow stuck in the mind of the people, probably because those psychological weapons – the whistles – were perfectly engineered and they still make your heart pound.

Junkers Stuka was relatively old design when entered into the flames of World War Two, however it stuck there, panicking the enemy throughout the whole war, and still gains respect.

In 32nd scale, just last couple of years, Trumpeter announced and delivered a decent Ju-87 in several versions: B, A and G /Kanonenvogel/, but they had some discrepancies with the original, or so the experts say.

In 48th scale, well, we had some old toolings, but the most recent one is the one we are showing here. Hasegawa in my opinion still is the most accurate, but hey, that is just modeling. Even if it is Ju-87 – the legend – it is still worth to check the other kits as well.

Tamiya and Italeri are re-packing some of their kits on a regular exchange basis. And even Italeri were my favorite brand back in the 90s, now they are not. Tamiya however ARE THE BRAND for me. And if they repack the same kit, most likely it needs some attention. Ju-87 Stuka is a kit that I am postponing to buy since 1997 when I first saw one for sale at the Paris Air Show, but somehow passed on it.

I will get 32nd scale Trumepter Ju-87 B. I am pretty certain. But I was tempted to get Ju-87 G Kanonenvogel from Italeri. Not that I would’ve buy Italeri if I wasn’t aware it is a Tamiya repack, but opening the box, it appeared that this Ju-87 is not bad at all.

Engine, nice details…well, check it out in the inbox review below!

You can get this kit here: Stuka Kanonenvogel

P.S. From a more detailed comparison that I found on the web I discovered, that the rivets of the Italeri Ju-87 are a bit better modelerwise compared to Hasegawa Ju-87. I doubt that Tamiya would rebox a worst kit than Hasegawa. After all, they work mostly on their domestic market.

My conclusion after that: Highly recommended Ju-87 no matter if it is Italeri or Tamiya!