Jolly Green Giant – Meng’s Super Heavy Char 2C 1/35

First interesting model for January 2014, was 1/35 Super Heavy French Char 2C. Meng released that huge kit two months ago, and I tried to be among first ones who got it and built it.
It is a piece of art, I might say, fitting easily in today’s modeling standards. Built was made without a single drop of putty, and completed within 10 working hours. I wish to say, that it can be done in 5 if more devoted modeler builds the kit. Since I am not very organized on my bench, I took twice that time. But still, it is a quickie.

Meng Models Char 2C boxart

In the box – fair amount of parts, few PE ones, and wonderful, and I mean WONDERFUL tracks. They are click-click style, without glue needed. Links are more then enough even if you mess up something. Important thing is to remember – once in, it must stay that way, not tear it apart, and try to re-attach. This will most likely ruin the pin that hold one link to another, and in 1/35 its almost impossible to be fixed. Having that in mind, if you assemble it and leave it that way, you should have no troubles.

I saw picture in internet just couple of hours before my model appeared in the mail:

Happily, in the box there are decals for that exact version. It is single color scheme, which I prefer not to build, but this time I wanted to try things differently.
Weathering on this model should be less then usual. These machines were
introduced during 1917, but actually never fought, therefore they were in decent condition. The model contains three versions, and guess what: all of those are from 1939. You can imagine that even in 20 years, without seeing any real battle, they will look quite crisp.
Even in 1/35 this is amazingly huge model. It is around 300mm long and 85mm wide. This makes it very impressive even as a stand-alone model, not to mention what a beauty will be achievable if some diorama pad is beneath it.
Still as of today, this is the biggest tank ever built!
Good job Meng! Clever and talented people runs this company, that’s for sure!

I won’t bore you with more info about the kit and how its build, I assume that you can find plenty of info around the web. In this particular item I used several shades of Tamiya Acrylics, filters and pigments from MIG Productions and AK Interactive as well as oil paints from different brands.
For the tracks I used some Gunze-Sangyo metallic paints and track wash from AK Interactive, plus few more tricks that I learned that work.

Here is the completed model, and I hope you will like it:

A quick idea how that huge beast sits next to FT-17 1/35
Similarity between those two comes from the fact that same designer done them both