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Jetmads J35 Draken

Jetmads hit the sweet spot with their recent Saab Viggen release. In 32nd scale, this was a kit that was desired by a large number of modelers and for more than one reason. Actually, even in smaller scales, Viggen is not that popular as other Cold War jets, despite being one of the greatest of its time in real life. That made the 32nd scale beast by Jetmads a instant hit and even though they promised only 500 in their Limited Edition release, they are now doing a second run with five hundred more.

It was only logical that they will take into consideration the mighty Draken, considered by many as the father of the Viggen. Draken was less popular than the Viggen, however, unlike the Viggen it was used by other countries besides Sweden /Finland, Austria, Denmark, USA – yes, them too!/. Being more spread as a military jet and with similar reputation as the Viggen, Saab Draken is almost guaranteed to be the same success as the Viggen in 32nd scale. Hasegawa luckily, did that kit in quarter scale and for years it was a hit. It still is actually. Eduard repacked it too. But 32nd scale Draken is a really different animal all together.

So, October 2021 and Jetmads dropped the bomb, officially announcing that they are working on the Draken in 32nd scale. Expected, but still exciting once you get the confirmation. It will be resin again and in Limited Edition as other Jetmads’ kits. It will be complex and for experienced modelers, but let’s face it, the Draken deserves it. Both planes mentioned above would’ve been absolute hits if Tamiya or Hasegawa released them in large scale. Even Trumpeter with all their embedded inaccuracies. They would’ve made a lot of money. Nevertheless, none of the big guys took the challenge.

Jetmads did it with the Viggen once and now they are about to do it with the Draken once again. That is great news and we wish them all the best and good luck with that project. After all – Fortune favors the Brave. Jetmads are definitely among those in the modeling World! In the meantime – stay tuned for more news about the J35 Draken in 32nd scale about to be released by Jetmads team.