IDF Group Build 1982 – Present Day

IDF Group Build called “1982-Present Day” which started in the beginning of 2016 is heading towards its official final date: April 15th. However, even though planned to end on that exact date, it will be extended a little bit. That was decided due to two reasons. Some of the participants didn’t received their ordered kits in time, probably because delays around New Year hysteria, and some experienced delays due to personal reasons. Considering that those both categories consist from very talented modelers and good friends, we decided to give them a chance to finish what they’ve started. I hope we will see some of those videos very soon, but one thing is sure: it won’t be before April 15th.

Meantime, other participants made exiting builds, and surprisingly they were building mostly Achzarits, and only few Merkava’s here and there /mine included/. That was something new for me, because the Merkava was expected to be most popular, and Achzarit, which is kind of a dull looking vehicle to be the least wanted. It appeared that people love Achzarit, and we saw quite nice ones in the videos and in Google+ community page.

I will share some below, right after the end of the article. What I meant to say was, that I was expecting to see Tiger Model Nagmachon, or Hobby Boss Nagmachon, D9s, eventually some aircraft, but nope. Everything was focused on the Achzarits, which on the other hand revealed very nice options for building and weathering that vehicle. It was very interesting to compare each one’s approach to finishing the vehicle, and also having side by side Meng and Hobby Boss built vehicles, which even different in the eyes of the rivet counters, look quite similar and equal in quality.

So, even the IDF Group Build is at its end stages, we have a lot more to see obviously! Paul Sykes’ Merkava, Tacticaljackalope project, as well as one Merkava IV which I cannot wait to see finished! Maybe even more than that!

So stay tuned, and check out regularly for more updates! Thank you for participating and for the ones who hasn’t yet finished – keep it going fellas!!

You can find some of the projects in YouTube Modellers’ Page in Google+ in pictures, and here are two of the reveals that are already on YouTube:

Thanx for participating once again everybody!!!