HP-CP by Iwata – High Performance Dual-Action Airbrush with .3mm Nozzle.

HP-CP is adouble action airbrush made from Anest-Iwata Japan. It is a high detail airbrush, with 0.3 nozzle, a trigger stopper and it is a gravity feed item with a 7cc paint cup. The HP-CP or HP-C Plus is a further development of the very popular HP-C. HP stands for High Performance. This is Iwata series of airbrushes with needle / nozzle combo varying from 0.2 to 0.4mm. They also offer different options for it – side feeding cup, bottom feeding and top feeding /as the HP-CP reviewed here/. Iwata SBS are very comfortable since you can place the cup from either side of the airbrush, and you can also use bottom feed jar to attach it, however this HP-C Plus here has a better overall balance. It is ¼ inch hosing and it is suitable for most of the airbrush hoses available out there. I personally tested it with 37PSI, and I clean it with pressure up until 30. For spraying session of acrylic paints HP-CP works best with 12PSI and up until 24PSI /I work with high pressure usually/.

The price of the Iwata HP-C Plus varies from country to country, but it can be found from $140 up until $220, depending on where you live. Warranty of the airbrush is also dependable on the supplier. HP-C and HP-CP are among the most widely used airbrushes among modelers, and they are fine enough /even with .3mm nozzle/ for the highest detailing. Anest Iwata has one of the best distribution systems and spare parts are not a problem to be found, although Iwata HP series spare parts are a bit pricy.

There are higher and lower Iwata series, but this one is just in between as a price, and quality is closer to their higher precision airbrushes. I really hope that this review can help you choose and get an idea what to expect from Iwata HP-CP and from their High Performace series.

You can get this airbrush here: Iwata HP-C Plus