Hot kits running out of stock

Hot kits that are running out of stock are something that we are used to. In different times there are different interests, hence different supply and demand. Of course, this is not something new, it is just how things go. Not only with modeling of course. With anything on the market. Model-wise however, interests even though usually wider than any specific object, sometimes are being dictated by local conflicts and media. Latter one is usually the one to blame for mis-information last decade, but when videos and pictures are shown, there is no one to blame. Those are usually facts. A picture worth a 1000 words sorta thing. Nobody can argue with that.

From our contacts with different shops and retailers, we usually get an idea what is hot and what not. But recently, tank-wise there is a humongous increase in the sales of the modern T-series of tanks. And this is what we got from more than couple of our friends around the modeling World when it comes down to stores. And here, we are not talking huge stores, but mostly stores that serve large cities, areas with several cities or small countries and such.

That by itself can be a measurement for some. The main point is, that the Russian invasion in Ukraine boosted sales of the T-72 in some of its variations. This tank is vanishing  from the shelves quickly and even though not particularly new tooling, is becoming a definite must for the armor fans nowadays. What we got as info is that MENG T-72B3 is the hottest thing. A particular store sold out its units within 3 days in the end of February and then had pending orders for twice the amount of the ones sold just in the next couple days.

Those who didn’t wanted to wait grabbed the Zvezda T-90s, although here we encounter some controversies. First, anything that comes from Russia is now being blocked in one way or the other and that goes for their models too. So if you stand with Ukraine, which most of us do – stay away from those. Second, T-90 seems to be in more limited numbers than older T-72s in the conflicts, which by itself leads to the conclusion that the current War is more of an inspiration for modeling, than replicating specific vehicle or a scene.

Trumpeter kits are being sold out as we speak, or at least this is what they told us too. Trumpeter 2S19 is a relatively expensive kit lately, but it is going pretty well too. Maybe the reason here is that both sides in the Russian Invasion in Ukraine are probably using it simultaneously. Which goes for many others too. Msta is very interesting by itself, but it wasn’t the best seller for sure. Now it is different.

And the stated above goes mostly for 35th scale kits. Although smaller ones are going better than usual too. And speaking of that, that scale covers another War-celebrity that you can see in almost any conflict – the mighty Mil Mi-24 Hind. This, although not a tank is again used by Russia and Ukraine and is disappearing quickly. Well, some call it a flying tank so…it figures.

War is a sad thing. However, nobody can deny that in one way or another it boosts economics. Hopefully when it comes down to modeling it will boost creation and innovation. And let’s not forget people come first.

Our hopes and prayers to the people in Ukraine!

In the unfortunate events of any conflicts there are of course – civilian damages and casualties. Those might be people, buildings and even – in this case – planes. A huge lost for the aviation World was the destroyed Antonov An-225 Mriya last week. Another kit being sold out quickly already. The real one however, will most likely never be rebuilt again…