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HobbyBoss Devastator 1/48 – New Tool?

HobbyBoss Devastator was announced with latest catalogue news from Trumpeter/HobbyBoos releases. Those usually cover two year period. For example: 2023-24. It is expected that this release will be like most of those “two” companies other ventures covering the same subject – one of them usually releases the quarter scale, while the other hits the bigger option. Not necessarily one or the other, but almost mandatory – those releases always go in pairs.

Devastator, despite its modest looks is a very attractive plane for the aviation enthusiasts and modelers. In the same time, Great Wall Hobby did a good enough job with their own tooling, covering the 1/48 arena. That consists of four variants in total, the last one of which is very hard to be found and it is actually a re-release of one of the previous options. Nevertheless, desired and complex kits that should satisfy most of us.

HobbyBoss and Trumpeter however, obviously had a different opinion on the matter. Trumpeter’s TBD-1 32nd scale release has no competition and we don’t need to discuss that thoroughly. It is the same case scenario as with their Su-25. Like it or don’t, this is your only option if you want to build that specific model in that specific scale. End of story. But in 48th things are different. On that arena, there are other gladiators.

Truly, it would be a miss for Trumpeter not to scale down their new Devastator and release it in 48th scale under their other brand. And in China they know better. But, how would that compete with Great Wall Hobby exactly? Latter one is a company that is scary good with most of the kits they do, with some minor exceptions. Honestly, those exceptions are more on the pricy end of the spectrum in terms of disappointment, but that’s a story for a different day.

How good a HobbyBoss kit must be in order to stand against G.W.H.? “Very” – is the short answer. But even though Trumpeter and HB are not famous for their accuracy and flawlessness like Zoukei-Mura, Tamiya and MENG, they had brilliant hits in the recent past. A good example for that is their line of Intruders in 1/48 and 1/32. Any of those will rock your world and in all we saw during the years – they have no real competition.

So can that be the case with the Devastator?

Maybe, but this specific kit, unlike their Intruders will go under a lot of scrutiny. There is no way around it. Reasons are many, but the main one are the three letters – G. W. H. They are that good, yes. Another reason is that lately Eduard are hitting the 48th scale arena very hard and with innovations beyond the Trumpeter/HB horizons by far. And in that quickly changing world, one must either quickly adapt or…vanish.

Not that Trumpeter and HobbyBoss are under an actual danger of vanishing, but this kit specifically might be an important milestone for them. Because either it will be very very good, or it will be a bitter memory that many won’t forget. Even a regularly engineered kit won’t be enough to pull them out in this case. It has to be truly beautiful thing. Or…it will end up just like their Flooger line. Only time will tell.