Hero Hobby Kits – another new company

Hero Hobby Kits is a name that was totally unknown for me the other day. Today, they are another new company for scale models from China. Not only, but they are announcing two kits German PKW Typ k1 Kubelwagen Type 82 and German Pkw.K2s Schwimmwagen Type 166, both in 35th scale. Both are announced as released, and are totally new toolings for 2016.

They appear to be small-ish kits, eventually packed in small boxes, but what is interesting is, when are we seeing the first unboxing reviews of those two. With the new technologies applied to the molding process,  /we hope that Hero Hobby Kits eventually used many of those/ these kits will be very welcomed and will /eventually/ provide us with accurate and precise small cars in that scale.

German Pkw.K2s Schwimmwagen Type 166 hero hobby

It is the mainstream nowadays, to have new companies for scale models every year. And since a kit molding costs tens of thousands of dollars, these are businesses that are not small-time. Hero Hobby eventually made their way into the game, investing simultaneously into two new projects, or maybe even more that we are about to hear anytime soon.

Not all companies from China provide great models, but new ones are definitely very interesting, and I am hoping that Hero Hobby Kits will be among them! Both Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen are attractive, and even though small, they are suitable for dioramas and add-ons to vignettes. So let’s hope that Hero Hobby Kits did their part well, and we will get more nice 35th scale cars in the future!

Good luck Hero Hobby!