Henschel Hs-129 from Zoukei-Mura in 2018

Zoukei-Mura are continuing their expansion with 32nd scale Luftwaffe items. Planes, which are released by some companies, but still represent a huge gap in modeling with their lack of detailing and attention deserved. The Japanese company fixes that, releasing the kits in the typical Zoukei-Mura style, famous for superb and ingenious engineering, wonderful fit and flawless reputation.

After a year dedicated to 48th scale Phantom in J, S and C versions, Zoukei-Mura released their Do-335 A-12 twin seater Luftwaffe plane in 32nd scale. Few days before that, a boxart of their next Luftwaffe project appeared on the web. This time it is a plane that deserves a lot of attention and it is among the top-wanted Luftwaffe props, especially in 32nd scale.

We are talking about the Henschel Hs-129, a twin-engine ground-attack airplane used in Africa and Eastern Front. Although only 865 were built, this airplane is still considered a legend and loved and respected among both – modelers and aircraft enthusiasts. It’s rugged shape is charming, camouflages used – attractive and the modeling especially weathering-wise: almost endless.

Zoukei-Mura promises two options, Hs-129 B-2 and Hs-129 B-3. Latter one is very interesting, since features 75mm cannon, the weapon that made Hs-129 that famous. That was the most powerful gun installed on WWII aircraft and could’ve ripped a tank from the air. That gained the nickname of Hs-129: “The Tank Opener” and with its mean look made the plane very intimidating and charming.

As with all Zoukei-Mura kits, the quality expected is very high. Detail-wise, well, if we follow the other releases, we should see engines, landing gear and weapons systems dissected and represented in plastic, in a way that nobody else presented us so far.

Markings-wise, Hs-129 was used by Hungarian and Romanian Air Forces and of course – Nazi Germany. For what we are about to see in the kit, I still cannot discuss, but I assume that options will be available. Hopefully we will get to see soon.

Hs-129 is a twin that set the beginning of the flying tank idea, with a concept that we can still see today in A-10. Even though Ilushin Il-2 is produced in larger numbers /20 times more actually/, it still brings the obsolete concepts of its time and the inferiority of Soviet engineering. The fact that Hs-129 was a twin and the pilot sat away from the engines in a highly-protective capsule, showed very different idea which still counts to this very day.

There is a lot to be said about Hs-129 and we can only hope that Zoukei-Mura did that in plastic. Their models were always at the highest possible level setting standards in the industry. I see no reason why would Hs-129 will be any different!