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Great News from Great Wall

Great Wall are not the oldest company on the block, but in the same time are among the best nevertheless. They quickly gained fame with their Flankers in 48th, their Tomcats in 72nd and F-15s in both. Praised for the accuracy and responsiveness to client’s demands, G.W.H. /AKA as Lion Roar/ made a name for themselves with various kits in both scales mentioned. Great Wall managed to beat the competition and in the same time keep decent prices plus good availability World Wide.

Not surprisingly, company that develops in that fashion can grow fast. Especially when they touch subjects that are modeler’s favorites. Latest news coming from Great Wall concern two such themes: Tomcat and Warthog.

Tomcat, even though released from Tamiya and AMK in two differently approached, but very good toolings, somehow is still in demand. The reason for that is probably because AMK’s constant failures to meet demand of availability and most importantly – release deadlines. Tamiya tooling on the other hand is great, but it has its flaws. Those are not serious issues, but mostly limitations, with which most of us can live. However, for the real masters, improvement of a kit is a must, no matter how well the company did the mothership from the get go. Something more has to be added. Anything, just not leave it as it is.

So even with two new Tomcats, the market is still unsatisfied. And we don’t know how well Great Wall Hobby will meet this demand, but they will most definitely try. What is expected is a kit more complex than Tamiya’s releases, but probably not so modeler-oriented as AMK. The later statement is not a certainty, just a speculation though. So G.W.H. will hit us with TOP GUN’s legendary jet – the F-14A and B. Most likely D will follow soon. Which one will be first is not clear too, but the rumor is that the B will start the new line.

Great Wall won’t stop there. Warthog is the other promise that they made. Not so long ago, we commented on the need for the mighty A-10 in quarter scale. There are toolings, but nothing comes close to the contemporary standards, which are raising the bar for everybody each year. Great Wall Hobby, being very serious about their releases, are most certainly among the optimum choices for a company that can take that task. And they did.

A-10 is four decades in service and despite the numerous attempts to stop its brilliant career, both from enemies abroad and politicians at home, it still holds proudly. Lately, it is even more popular at air shows than ever before. Plus the fact, that the concept on which the airframe is based on continues to prove itself, nowadays in Ukraine in the face of Su-25 which is used from both sides of the conflict. All that makes it another must for the 48th scale collector. But we know that you won’t need convincing nor justification for 1/48 A-10 release.

Great Wall Hobby did well. Both announcements are to be expected impatiently and will widen the spectrum of G.W.H., solidifying their place on the modeling scene. Great news for them and – great news for us!