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Ghost of Kyiv

Ghost of Kyiv /or Kiev/ is an alleged ace pilot of the Ukrainian Air Force, who fought with MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jet and downed as much as 10 jet fighters belonging to the Russian Air Force /branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces/ on the first day of the invasion in 2022. According to the media information, these jets were Su-27, Su-35, Su-25 and MiG-29. In these two sentences alone, you can find so many controversies that a Marvel movie would look like a documentary of a high grade.

There are several facts that could help those still in doubt. Like for example, that MiG-29 is highly inferior compared to any of the Flanker family, no matter which of their variants, let alone Su-35, which is their pinnacle point. Then, there is the MiG-29 range, which is limited to say the least. Also, we can factor the /only/ 4 tons of /not very smart/ armament, with which the plane’s maneuverability is seriously crippled. Then, we can add the almost constant financial crisis that former Soviet satellite Air Forces are since the 90s and then add that from its people, Russia, /not being in their worst financial times lately/ sent probably the highest trained and most capable pilots, who already has experience in Syria. You do the math.

Ghost of Kyiv is most likely a myth. Highly exaggerated one. There is couple more reasons, like the stories about the Ghost of Baghdad /or Iraq/, Ghost of Tripoli, Ghost of Syria and such, all of those legends at one time or another popping up in the social media space and all of them featuring MiG-29 as a main star. Now MiG-29 in general is a jet with a very poor record. It is a perfect air show plane, with a lot of potential for aerobatics, especially when flying low on fuel. However, as a 4th generation jet fighter it is a mediocre attempt from the Soviets. However, there is that fraction of devoted fans, that are going unbelievable distances to prove MiG-29 Fulcrum as the best jet ever, F-16 and F-15 killer and such. Again, think about why Flanker is in so many Air Forces that bought it after consideration and then compare it with MiG-29 who was retired in many others, who got it in the Cold War era.

But enough of that. We are not going to discuss MiG-29 any longer. Back to the Ghost of Kyiv. Many myths appeared during armed conflicts and some of them are so ridiculous that any new “Rambo” or “Commando” should be closely evaluated. No one likes to be fooled. Just remember Panfilov’s 28. This, as well as many others /that came mostly from Soviet Union/ are examples of an early stages of a hybrid war. War that was fought with a pencil, not with a sword. That boosts soldier’s morale and somehow squeezes more out of people who are obviously doomed to loose.

Unfortunately, that is what most likely will happen with Ukraine, if they don’t get help. And there is no doubt that they should. We have a huge jet modelers fan base, who – from time to time – get Ukrainian Digital Camouflages. But since that Ghost of Kyiv story came about, we are struggling to keep up. It might be looking good as a business model, but let’s not forget that Ukraine is at war. People there need help. And not just any help, they need our help. Not a scaled down glorification of any war machine. We can all do that when this is all over and things settle. Just like we are doing nowadays with the Second World War. Back then, Me-109 was a killing machine, not a plane to admire or replicate in scale. So was the Tiger tank. And many others. So, let’s try and be supportive to the people of Ukraine.

We will soon present 32nd scale variant of the digital camouflage similar to the Ghost of Kyiv. But we would like to introduce that after the war ends or at least settles down a bit, not in the midst of it and try to capitalize on the suffering of many. So please, before you do your next search for masks related to the conflict, remember that people in Ukraine need help and since most of us are not in the middle of a war, we can put a bit more effort to do the right thing and help humans and animals first, then focus on our hobbies!

Again, this might not sound like a good business model, but it is coming from our hearts!

Our hope and prayers to our friends at MiniArt, ICM and of course all the poeple in Ukraine!