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Ghost of Kyiv Colors

Ghost of Kyiv Colors is one subject that we are getting asked about a lot. At DN Models, we deal with masks, not paints, therefore we avoid to answer it. That goes beyond that specific Digital Camo of course. The reasons for that are many, but most important one is the human eye perception. Each human is individual and each brain understands the color variation in an unique way. A grey is a grey, but is it dark, light or medium, it is up to one’s personal understanding and classification.

On the other hand, women can describe colors quicker, more accurately and in an explanatory way, featuring nuances and examples from the real World. Since most of the modelers are men, that makes the problem with answering about specific colors even harder. Then, there is the various paint manufacturers situation and options. We have plenty, similar in color but different in consistence /and technique of using/ paints. We also try not to point out any specific maker, since some modelers work solely with one brand, while others mix and match, which can lead to useless arguments and sometimes controversies. To each one his own.

ghost of kyiv colors 1/32 mig-29 digital camo dn models scale model masks

Here’s why, with the help of our clients, we can sometimes get an idea what works in some scenarios and what doesn’t. In the abovementioned case of Ghost of Kyiv, the MiG-29 that became superstar this spring: we got some information to share:

A very prolific modeler – Niels Sorensen – shared his results of a MiG-29 9-13 completed using DN Models’ masks in 32nd scale. The results are beyond stunning, both in realism and finesse of work. He was kind enough to share with us his preference of colors, which we’re going to share here. With that said, we are NOT suggesting using those same colors specifically. We are just helping you create an idea in your mind.

You might like to work with the paints he used, or you might not. However, we consider Niels’ results awesome and if you follow the basic tones of the colors he used, you will probably end up achieving similar results in terms of nuances.

ghost of kyiv colors 1/32 mig-29 digital camo dn models scale model masks

The paints this talented Master Modeler used were Mr.Paint – a Slovak company that became famous last couple years. Their colors are usually spot on and many like working with their product line since it is very user friendly in general. Their packing, their availability – everything is loved by the modern modeler.

Specifically speaking, in the case of The Ghost of Kyiv, the paints used are:

For the upper side:

MRP-034 Tank Grey

MRP-403 Grey

MRP-402 Light Grey

MRP-246 Light Arctic Grey

For the underside:

MRP 405 Blue Grey

As you can see from the pictures that Mr. Sorensen kindly provided, the colors look spot on. We would like to add, that some modelers embrace the technique of 10% lighter shade for every smaller scale. Thus, if you are interested in that, you might consider making those paints slightly lighter when working with 48th or 72nd scales. This on the picture is 32nd scale MiG. That is not a necessary action, just a suggestion. Besides, not all modelers abide by that rule.

ghost of kyiv colors 1/32 mig-29 digital camo dn models scale model masks

Then, there is an important factor that many miss, which is the primer color. The base beneath the paints might change the overall result. Some paint without laying primer on, some use dark red or black primers, other do light shades of primer, but do pre-shading. All that can change the final looks. Again, another reason for DN Models to avoid suggesting colors. However, with some testing on an old model, you can always get the idea before you put your work on the latest project that you have. And we strongly recommend that to be the case. Our masks feature enough extra material that can be used for testing, which is important when painting several colors one over another like in the case of Digital Camouflage of the Ghost of Kyiv.

With that, we hope we helped. We will keep dealing with masks and NOT with colors, so you can consider this as an exclusion of the rule. But since many have asked, we decided that this article might come to use for some. After all, learning from other modelers is ultimately the best way to progress in the hobby!

Images are courtesy of Mr. Niels Sorensen