GAZ-AAA by MiniArt Step By Step build

MiniArt are highly detailed kits and everybody knows about it. The thing is, not many out there have been completed due to the intricacy of the builds. They feature many small parts, some unexpected engineering and challenges for even experienced modelers. MiniArt’s GAZ-AAA line is abundant and feature many trucks, out of which I picked to assemble the one with the shelter, so to show how everything goes step by step and make it easier for those who have the kits but aren’t sure what they are involved in.

I also wasn’t sure, but from my past experience with MiniArt I already knew that their fit is great and the new plastic material that they are using is a promise for an easy build. Well, not an easy one exactly, but you can see for yourself.

GAZ-AAA is a relatively small vehicle, and I was surprised when I saw MiniArt’s kit finished. Nevertheless, it features almost everything you can get from a truck in 35th scale, with many sub-assemblies, engine, highly detailed chassis and photo-etch parts.

Building the kit will definitely take time, and it is not for one without time or patience. It is not exactly suitable for newbie modeler either. On the other hand, once built, it looks extremely nice and it is a rewarding challenge. The new plastic material is very easy to work with, it bends easily and that prevents unwanted cracks or brake-ups. The photo-etch is typical MiniArt: thin, delicate and nice to work with.

I had some troubles with the tire fit, but that was mainly because I was out of time. Other thing that I found challenging were the arms, which are located beneath the floor of the truck and we have many of those. They represent the controlling mechanisms of GAZ-AAA and MiniArt tried their best to provide them all!

Otherwise the kit is great with superb detail. As I said – it is a bit small once built, but on the other hand that save some space. Again – not a one for a newbie modeler, but I trust that if you follow the link below and see the video build, you will find it much easier to cope with the process!

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