full video series building stalinetz tractor trumpeter

Step-by-Step building of a Stalinetz

Stalinetz from Trumpeter – full video build. The Series:

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3


Stalinetz from Trumpeter is one of the most popular kits of the brand in 35th scale. The kit has been built by many masters, just to show how many possibilities are embedded in this small and simple vehicle. Michael Rinaldi managed to release a book dedicated to Stalinetz. The cabbed and the open roof versions of the Stalinetz are equally popular among modelers. Both offer great deal of options, however the cabbed is less popular.

That is why all the builds mentioned above are of the open roof version of the stalinetz. The reason for making this video is basically the same – show how much can be done with a simple kit. Especially one that is not a military vehicle per se. Stalinetz was a tractor that was built in thousands and was used for various purposes. From agricultural, through military and building in the far north.

In the video you will see few tips and trick that can help you develop your own ideas. Especially in terms of scratch building. You will find few weathering tricks as well as some painting guidance. In addition to that, all the tools and materials used are purposely chosen to be on the cheap side of things. That way the video will be suitable for every modeler out there. From the beginner to the master.

Video is divided into three parts you can see above. Stalinetz deserves a lot of attention and in order to maximize the experience, each part is focused on a different stage of the process.

Have fun watching!