fouga magister 32nd scale from DACO - DN Models 20017 release

Fouga Magister in 32nd scale from DACO – set for 2017 release

Just recently a 2017 release for the new tool Fouga Magister CM.170 was announced at, one of my main sources of updates and information. This is the long awaited DACO release, which at the beginning was about to be in 48th scale eventually. Kinetic and AMK releases obviously filled the gap for 48th scale CM.170 and now the need for large scale model is even more evident.

DACO promises highly accurate, very detailed kit of this legendary trainer. That includes engines, armament, few different versions and more. This plane is very interesting in appearance, due to the fact that its origins are embedded within a glider. It is very low profile aircraft, with two engines and with surprisingly long wingspan for a jet. Another distinctive feature is the V-shaped tail, also dating back from the glider base that was used for the design.

The CM.170 was used widely, up until most modern times when Alpha Jet took most of its place in the Western Europe. It is a main competitor to another legendary airplane that begs for decent 32nd scale model – L-29 Delfin. L-29 was the basic trainer for the Eastern Block in Europe, while Fouga Magister was its competitor spread to the West.

32nd scale CM.170 renders from DACO promises highly detailed and up-to-date scale model kit, with very interesting options available. Just two weeks ago, at the Bourget salon – Paris Air Show – one old Fouga Flew and did a very interesting program of aerobatics. This means not only that the plane is legendary, but that it still brings some interest to people and inspire memories for many who flew it once.

DACO will definitely fill the gap here and will set a new standard for the market where we have seen Trojan in 32nd scale and hopefully we are about to see Delfin and Alpha Jet.

While waiting, enjoy the renders and let us all hope that this year we will see that beauty in plastic!

All pictures courtesy of Dacoproducts