f35c lightning II trumpeter 1 32 dn models masks for scale models

F-35C from Trumpeter in 32nd scale

F-35C is the carrier based variant of the Lightning II stealth fighter produced by Lockheed. The C-variant is different from the A and B. Most noticeable difference are the larger wings and the sturdier landing gear. In scale, so far there is no really decent representation of this particular naval jet. There were some attempts, but not at the desired level. That doesn’t go for the A-variant, which was introduced by Italeri couple years ago and with great success too. It too was not perfect, but it was a very good attempt, considering the fact that F-35 in general is very secret even though already in use relatively widely around the World.

Trumpeter is going to release F-35C in large scale this year. At least that is what rumors say. They also have V/STOL F-35B in development, again in 32nd scale. That most likely going to happen, but will it be this year is not certain. Trumpeter usually update their catalogues but the pending releases are put in 2 year ahead period, instead of 1 like everybody else do.

Nevertheless, this will most likely mean that HobbyBoss will show up with the scaled down options in 48th scale in no time. So far good news. But how accurate will those Lightnings going to be once they see the light of day? Most certainly, they will have issues. Even though we would be happy to see that statement proved wrong.

It is true, that some great kits came from Trumpeter and HobbyBoss in the recent past. Like for examples their Intruder in 32nd and 48th scale. But they have serious misses as well. Like their MiG-23 range, which is ridiculous. Most of those two companies’ kits are decent, but they feature flaws. A good example is their A-7 Corsair, which needs a new intake and a new canopy to be properly replicated. There are many others of course. That is what we expect the fate of their F-35 Lightning line will be too. Since there is no actual competition on the market, this will definitely be a hit. No matter will they release F-35C or F-35B first. But we will have to wait and see what flaws those kit will show and are they fixable with some home work and/or aftermarket.

Then and only then the final verdict will come. Until then, let’s wait and we’ll see.